Wednesday, October 28

my favorite...

... album of all time. any guesses?

image from graphic nothing. some brilliant stuff.

Monday, October 26

what makes me smile

fleabag under a blanket (see previous post)


finishing a knitting project!!

Wednesday, October 21


Josh and i made carrot cake last week and came out successfully, so, i've been looking for a new recipe to try out.

Maybe we should try this frozen peanut butter pie with candied bacon from

The recipes may disappear, depending on what happens to the website, so, go copy it down!

Monday, October 19

this weekend i...

... went to Meet The Breeds

a Siberian

a Selkirk Rex

a calico Persian

a Maine Coon

an American Shorthair

a Tonkinese

another American Shorthair (not sure about this one)

a Somali (probably my favorite)

Yes, there were some dog there as well (160 breeds, give or take) but i went to see the cats.

It was hard to take pictures of the cats, mostly because the lighting at the Javitz Center is poor, and also, cats don't really want to sit still.

I can't wait until next year!!

Thursday, October 15

Herb & Dorothy

We stumbled upon this film on the tv the other day... it may have changed my life...

it reassured me that:

a) Josh and I live in a spacious apartment

b) one can never have too many cats in a small apartment

c) hoarding/collecting is OK

Herb and Dorothy

Monday, October 12

year of the tiger

next year is the year of the tiger... my year (and josh's)

i am hoping to get one of these key chains, although apparently, only available in japan... keeping my fingers crossed though.

Sunday, October 11

autumn: pumpkins everywhere


i wish i could be happy like sponge bob... but the red sox just lost in the post season.


now, i'm rooting for the twins... setting myself up for heartbreak again (probably).

update: twins lose to yankees (not sure who to root for now...)

Thursday, October 8

last weekend

i went to see

then watched sherlock go crazy on the rug

bought a new dress

and ate shabu shabu

a pretty perfect weekend......

i am ready for the next one!!

Tuesday, October 6


update: twins win tiebreaker!!

Monday, October 5


from Church's, oh... and they've updated their website, finally!