Wednesday, September 30

addiction: coffee

Trying to figure out a way to work in the new Stumptown into my morning commute.

as much as i love Joe, i feel like i should spread the wealth, plus i'm getting tired of their morning pastry selections.

i could also give up coffee altogether, and drink tea at work.....


Monday, September 28

button hooks

apparently, buttonhooks are an item to collect (see the buttonhook society). who knew. i came across many of them at a recent antiques market.

i bought the first one i saw. (I have boots that require a button hook and i have a hook that came with my boots, but i'm afraid i will lose it).

Soon after, i saw hook after hook after hook. i came close to buying a second one, with, what looked like, an ivory handle.

Funny thing is, this hook i bought is multi-tasking! it has a cigar cutter and a screw driver (flat-head) and also, maybe, a bottle opener!

Saturday, September 26

studio time

trying to take pictures of my clothes is frustrating. they are beautiful to me in my mind, and it is really hard to capture this with a photograph.

i suppose if i had real daylight in my apartment, things might be different, but i am stuck in a small, dark, cluttered space with a really intense 'daylight-balanced' light.

Friday, September 25

time for some long shadows

I do like this time of year. It reminds me of the very specific feeling of nervous excitement for going back to school. But now autumn is tinged with the dreaded feeling of winter just right around the corner.

I was told a long time ago to try to live in the moment.. i still haven't learned how to do this properly.

Thursday, September 24

so cute

after work yesterday, i saw this puppy on the sidewalk and didn't want to bother the owner/walker, but i couldn't resist. i knew i would regret it if i didn't snap a few pictures.

Tuesday, September 22

Sunday, September 20

tokyo, i miss you...

plus, i like this idea of snapshot videos... makes me want to get a small video camera...

via jean snow

Saturday, September 19

upstate 2009: canoe

we went canoeing. it's probably the longest i've been on a water vessel. i'm not much of a swimmer (at all) and i've never lived close to any bodies of water, so, it's not my favorite thing to do.

a bit murky in some parts... too much stuff growing in the water (i was told)

but it's pretty and feels very tranquil, although the slightest movement or shift in balance make the whole canoe tip one way or the other (very unnerving!).

who's hungry?

Yes, i want to go to waffle heaven.

from the current issue of Saveur

this place is called Franklin Fountain

upstate 2009: photographing

Thursday, September 17

upstate 2009: food

All there is to do upstate is hang out, which is pretty great. It also doesn't hurt to have some tasty meals thrown into the mix.

kite flying

can you see the kite? it was really up there!!! it's been awhile, but flying a kite is very thrilling and fun!

Monday, September 14

need to cleanse

yesterday i ate:

McDonald's McGriddle (possibly the most disgusting thing i have eaten ever)
hamburger and fries from a race track
tacos from neighborhood taco truck (delicious as usual)

so... to cleanse my body of the McGriddle...

I am drinking this:

it is a powdered green vegetable (komatsuna) drink (mixed with water) from Japan. This did not have much taste.. but what little taste it has was not great. It is suggested to also mix the powder with milk.... i'm not going to try this, because that sounds disgusting.

Saturday, September 12


What really set the mood of this diner that i wasn't able to capture was the flickering fluorescent light inside. It kind of drove me crazy... and it reminded me of Twin Peaks... creepy!

my meatloaf (yum... i didn't touch the mixed veggies though)

West Taghkanic Diner

Friday, September 11


it's unbelievably cold and dreary today. was that really it for the summer? i'm not prepared for the bundling up walking quickly from point a to point b.

oh! and it's already getting dark so early!

bye bye summer : (

Saturday, September 5

Arts & Science FW 09

Arts & Science

...i'm speechless


i've been kind of unlucky with buying stuff lately... first the Rika dress that immediately sold out (and i haven't been able to find the exact one elsewhere) and something i ordered from japan never arrived (i was supposed to respond to an email that i disregarded because i couldn't read it... oh well).

Thursday, September 3


going upstate this holiday weekend... hopefully it won't be too chilly! The weather is already fall-like... isn't it?

i am so dreading winter. who's with me?