Saturday, August 22

.... hot!

it's been so hot, i have been reluctant to sit in front of the computer for any stretch of time! it's been a quiet week off, with small events that have made it fun!

bought September issue of Vogue (US) which is not as thick as in previous years, but that's fine with me

went to see my third Mets game this season (vs. Giants)

ate pizza, 2 times, both very different from each other (artisanal vs. New Haven)

went to the beach

walked down Park Ave for SummerStreets (3.5 miles)

ate some shabu-shabu even thought it is so hot and humid, but still very tasty!

got hooked on Fat Princess

watched almost all of season 3 of LOST

got back to work on my quilt (sort of)

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