Monday, August 31

a flock of seagulls

Probably spent more than i should have on this record ($15), but it is one of my favorite 80s songs, and i've never seen it as a 12" single. There aren't many more things that make me happier than digging through some used records!

I picked this up at Second Hand Rose's Music. They had so much great stuff, lots of 12" singles, but pricey.

Sunday, August 30

the chrysler building

such a majestic building.

Saturday, August 29


large puffer fish and small puffer fish

they both look so cute and innocent, but really scary deep down inside... kind of reminds me of baldie

from new world aquarium

Tuesday, August 25

say hello to my mixer

This is the mixer i picked up at Renningers. So far, i've made whipped cream twice. Maybe once it gets cooler, i'll make some cake batter!!

Sunday, August 23

market table

one of my favorite restaurants, Market Table

my tomato salad

(josh had some gnocchi for appetizer, no picture)

my porkchop

josh's chicken

shared blueberry cake

Saturday, August 22

.... hot!

it's been so hot, i have been reluctant to sit in front of the computer for any stretch of time! it's been a quiet week off, with small events that have made it fun!

bought September issue of Vogue (US) which is not as thick as in previous years, but that's fine with me

went to see my third Mets game this season (vs. Giants)

ate pizza, 2 times, both very different from each other (artisanal vs. New Haven)

went to the beach

walked down Park Ave for SummerStreets (3.5 miles)

ate some shabu-shabu even thought it is so hot and humid, but still very tasty!

got hooked on Fat Princess

watched almost all of season 3 of LOST

got back to work on my quilt (sort of)

Sunday, August 16

Song Dong at MoMA

Go see Song Dong at MoMA. It's an impressive collection of literally junk, back when, i guess, things were valued for a longer time, and before our disposable society. Not sure how useful this stuff is, but it makes for great art. I especially liked the collection of shopping bags!

Thursday, August 13


This blurry picture of my donuts perfectly describes the humid weather we've been having. I know it's August so, i'm not complaining. It's just, well, very sticky these days.

Wednesday, August 12


This is my lunch today. took a bite (i was pretty hungry) and realized that i should take a picture... it was really tasty heirloom tomatoes, bacon and nice rustic bread from wichcraft

Monday, August 10

chop chop

going to get a "trim" tomorrow. still undecided how short to cut my hair... all i know is that i am tired of washing my long hair, and i think my shoulders aching and head hurting is a result of long/heavy hair.

I also need a change. Pictures (hopefully happy) tomorrow!

Sunday, August 9

can't complain...

we've had a couple days of really lovely weather. unfortunately, it ends tomorrow with rain. really though, this summer has been strange weather. and, i hate to say it, but it is almost over.

i'm trying to squeeze the last bits of summer by...

*eating outside whenever possible
*getting up early and walk around the city during Summer Streets
*buying seasonal veggies

Friday, August 7


Funny picture of feeding time at Beaver Valley with a family of ducks.
I wondered if the ducks actually belong in this habitat, or they just decided to hang out with the beavers... i guess it seems natural enough that they live together, but the place is not called "Beaver and Duck Valley".

anyway, i decided that i do not like this film (Fuji Pro 400) it's a bit green/purple, isn't it? I've been shooting a lot of film and i am finally able to distinguish between the different film types/brands.

john hughes

his films from the 80's made me who i am (for better or worse).
We watched Vacation recently on tv... BRILLIANT.

ny times article

Wednesday, August 5


I'm kind of superstitious... well, only when it is convenient, i guess. I see people on the subway doing their prayers, 'counting' the beads of their bracelets or charms, and i thought, well, i should see how many beads are on my bracelet.

any guesses?

it's 81... which, i think is kind of an odd number (not just literally) but, well, it's not an even number... but, i REALLY love the fact that it is 9 X 9. this is important for me, because this reminds me of when i was learning my multiplications, and well, this is something that i had some talent for. and also, (strangely) it is the telephone country code for japan. weird.

81 looks like it has some other special properties that i was not even aware of!!

happy birthday sherlock!

12 years old... but still plays like kitten!!

Tuesday, August 4


spent the weekend 'down south'... at least that is what i like to think of it.

I wanted to see the pandas at the National Zoo before they are sent back to China. We visited them when they first arrived, probably ten years ago. I'll have to dig up my video footage.

not the best pictures.... i wish they had been outside. they were busy sleeping (first picture) and/or eating (second picture).

I'm not a fan of zoos... it's a mixture of the poor habitats for the animals and the crowds (mostly children). but, the national zoo must have lots of funding because most of the habitats are quite large and well kept and since it is free, i guess i am more tolerant of the shrieks!