Tuesday, June 16

i'm back

... and a little toasty. I cannot believe how hot it was in Rome and how cool it is here in New York! Still recovering and i don't have all of the pictures processed. i hope they came out okay.

We rented a similar vehicle to this one at the Villa Borghese Gardens... it was lots of fun, but the ride re-confirmed my thoughts that i would not be happy on a bicycle. I found myself closing my eyes and clutching my fake steering wheel for dear life when we were going fast... and we weren't actually going that fast! The vehicle has a battery that recharges as you pedal. Unfortunately, either we were too hard on the battery, or we got a bum battery, and we ended up at the bottom of a hill with no juice! and this was the start of a seven mile walk through Rome. Needless to say, my legs were shakey after the ride.

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