Saturday, May 2

The Red Socks

We went to go see a Red Sox vs. Yankees game at Fenway last weekend. Does it get any better than this... yeah, it does... we were sitting in VIP SEATS!!! i think for the first hour we were there, i could not sit still, trying to take in my surrounds and comprehend the special-ness of where i was. Luckily, we got there early enough that i could do this without annoying too many people around me. It's probably all wasted on me and for a true baseball or Red Sox fan, my appreciation is lame, but... it was so exciting and so much fun!!

the "green monster"

warm up and "stretching"

a sea of people

my hotdog, VIP style (steamy!)

the umpire (looked like frankenstein)

Derek Jeter

(some of these pictures were taken by Josh and his high powered telephoto lens)

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