Friday, May 1

i'm into... stripes!

just bought my first article of vintage clothing.. these Headlight hickory stripe overalls. I've been eye-ing overalls for quite sometime now... but nobody is making them, unless you get them from somewhere like Pointer Brand or Round House but the sizing/fit on these (and the stiff-ness) always scared me away. So, of course, when i basically give up, and swear to myself that the next time i'm in Tokyo, i would seek out the perfect pair of overalls, i find some at Stock Vintage!! They are perfectly 'worn-in' with some holes and stains. I could never break in a new pair to look/feel like these, so the (expensive?) price was worth it. But the best part is that they really fit me well. soooo happy!

So, now, all i see are stripes and i was watching the trailer (again) for Public Enemies and came across the clip with the jail inmates and thought... "wow, wouldn't the jail coveralls (uniform?) be great to wear now?"!

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Little Nutbrown Hare said...

I got Pointer kids one. The pockets are way up high my butt!