Thursday, May 28

4 months

yeah, it's been four months since i've had a haircut... gross and wow, time is sure zipping by this year. According to josh, i have reached the "crazy lady" middle-of-the-back hair-length. i think it is time for (at least) a trim at tosler davis.

time travel, again, but faked

Easy Solutions #1 from Batteries Feel Included via Kottke

Wednesday, May 27

slow down time

i'm trying to slow down time... but when i do this, time usually goes by faster (time god works backwards)... yeah, i'm thinking about time a lot.

Tuesday, May 26

time travel

i'm kind of obsessed with time travel right now. It seems like a very current topic (Star Trek movie) and so, people are writing about it (Sean Carroll for Discover Magazine). Plus, i'm reading The Time Traveler's Wife (btw, good book so far). But back to what Sean Carroll wrote... kind of my way of thinking... based on science, and/or hard facts and not some bendable rules that movies tend to use.

I'm not saying i want to travel to the past or to the future, but i like thinking about the benefits and the difficulties that this kind of travel has.... and (most importantly) the consequences.

Friday, May 22

mmmmm.... hotdogs

one of the more gross-er hotdogs i've had lately

purchased from here:

have a great Memorial Day Weekend!!

Wednesday, May 20



that's the number of years i've been in new york, and the longest i've lived anywhere in my life so far. It was kind of a milestone to get to 10 years, but now.. the years just drift by.

I guess i am feeling kind of nostalgic, or maybe i'm just woozy from allergy medicines!

Saturday, May 16


the most delicious cinnamon roll, from The Doughnut Plant

Although large, i could have easily devoured two of these. It was so light and fluffy... and not too sweet!!

Here's another picture for size:

Friday, May 15

summer movies

it is going to be a tough for call for which is going to be my favorite summer movie:

Right now, i'm leaning towards Up.

Thursday, May 14

cute picture?

A couple days ago, i thought, 'yay, this is a cute picture...!', but, now, all i can see is the green grass and bushes in the background, and worried the pollen is going to make me sneeze.. again, for the hundreth time today...

Yup. i'm miserable with allergies.

Wednesday, May 13

sleepy sherlock

(click photo to see larger)

Monday, May 11

more pizza

on our way back from Boston a few weekends ago, we stopped to have dinner at Frank Pepe in New Haven. We waited for maybe 45 minutes (?) on a quiet Monday evening... but all i really remember is how good the pizza is. the first picture is their signature clam pie. sooo delicious!

And last week we found ourselves in williamsburg, so we tried out this recently opened pizza place called Motorino. Different style altogether from the New Haven style, but really delicious as well.

I love pizza...!


balancing act

Sunday, May 10


made it to the greenmarket before 10am yesterday... it was quite an accomplishment! it wasy busy, but busy with actually buyers and not tourists. more hustle and bustle than chit chat. it was gray skies in the morning, but i think this made the colors more vibrant... should have taken the film camera!

Saturday, May 9

yellow stockings

from antipast... if there was an antipast store in nyc, i would really be in trouble

Friday, May 8


yeah... this is one of my better pictures... from the Fischerspooner show last night. i think we were standing behind the tallest people there... anyway, they might block my view, but the BASS goes right through them!! yes, the music was rockin', and, of what i could see, the show was really beautiful and fun!! The crazy dancers that have big (maniacal) smiles on their faces are very contagious.

Marks A Lot

why did they have to change this design? i've been noticing stuff like this recently... the re-branding of things... like, are you trying to make me think this is a new product? or, are designers somehow convincing companies that they need to update their brand labels? there was a lot of talk about the Tropicana orange juice packaging, but what about other things? Have you seen the new Sierra Mist packaging? It looks like a green misty forest. Not that i was in love with the older look (maybe a little too cartoony?)... but wow, what are they trying to go for with the the forest? First thought that comes to my mind is... MOSS juice.

Tuesday, May 5

Prudential Tower

Boston was such a fascinating city for architecture. I wasn't expecting it... i assumed everything would be old/colonial. i was wrong. There is so much Brutalist stuff which is great, but i think this Prudential Tower is my favorite. It looks like it belongs in LA, and looks so different from the older skyscrapers we have here in New York. It has that great 60's look that tried to look modern and slick, but now looks strangely of a bygone era.

Monday, May 4

through screens

i find it hard to manually focus with the film camera, but it does give me the ability to choose what to focus on. These are some attempts at a blurry foreground, with focus on background.

Saturday, May 2

The Red Socks

We went to go see a Red Sox vs. Yankees game at Fenway last weekend. Does it get any better than this... yeah, it does... we were sitting in VIP SEATS!!! i think for the first hour we were there, i could not sit still, trying to take in my surrounds and comprehend the special-ness of where i was. Luckily, we got there early enough that i could do this without annoying too many people around me. It's probably all wasted on me and for a true baseball or Red Sox fan, my appreciation is lame, but... it was so exciting and so much fun!!

the "green monster"

warm up and "stretching"

a sea of people

my hotdog, VIP style (steamy!)

the umpire (looked like frankenstein)

Derek Jeter

(some of these pictures were taken by Josh and his high powered telephoto lens)

Friday, May 1

school colors

is anyone affected by their school colors like me?

Elementary school: we were the Thunderbirds and our colors were blue (turquoise) and orange

Junior high school: we were the Conquerors and our colors were orange, black and white

High school: we were the Demons (or, the demonettes) and our colors were blue and 'gold'.

college: no mascot no colors (thank god, because it would have been bad)

anyway, i was unwrapping a package and immediately saw my school colors... i can't help it. It's not turquoise, but any orange and any blue reminds me of my elementary school.


he's so cute.. look at those front paws!!

i'm into... stripes!

just bought my first article of vintage clothing.. these Headlight hickory stripe overalls. I've been eye-ing overalls for quite sometime now... but nobody is making them, unless you get them from somewhere like Pointer Brand or Round House but the sizing/fit on these (and the stiff-ness) always scared me away. So, of course, when i basically give up, and swear to myself that the next time i'm in Tokyo, i would seek out the perfect pair of overalls, i find some at Stock Vintage!! They are perfectly 'worn-in' with some holes and stains. I could never break in a new pair to look/feel like these, so the (expensive?) price was worth it. But the best part is that they really fit me well. soooo happy!

So, now, all i see are stripes and i was watching the trailer (again) for Public Enemies and came across the clip with the jail inmates and thought... "wow, wouldn't the jail coveralls (uniform?) be great to wear now?"!