Tuesday, March 17

i'm thinking about... motorcycle jackets

silk/cotton version by Rag & Bone

a version by APC

the classic from Schott


rideBikes ATL said...

diagonal zippers on the APC for the WIN

Melody said...

I've been lusting for a motorcycle jacket for SO LONG!! I think it started when I got the dvd set of the first season of The Real World and I started pinning for the early '90s.
It will always be the epitome of "awesome" to me. (Motorcyle jackets, not necessarily the early '90s . . .)

Little Nutbrown Hare said...

Schott! I have to dig out my old Zucca cotton one for non "rock chicks".

yuko said...

i have to go try on the Schott one.. i am afraid it will be too stiff (and heavy) though.

yuko said...

melody: i used to associate motorcycle jackets with The Fonz... now, i am okay with it... maybe because i am older. have you ever tried one on?