Thursday, February 26


so, i guess it's okay to wear aprons (T Magazine). i've been waiting for this moment. In Japan, lots of the housewives wear them around all day, and i've been secretly wanting to wear aprons. It's the ultimate layering element, isn't it?

anyway, i've got one on order.. hopefully it will be here soon. Pics as soon as i get it!

Friday, February 20


yay. it's friday. any plans?

last friday we saw the Evil Cowards at the Mercury Lounge. Good music, Great show!!

the two guys of the band (group?) were wearing old (vintage?) marching band/military jackets... really beautiful!

(brilliant show Melody!!!)

Wednesday, February 18

cooking stuff

after reading an article about Pad Thai in Gastronomica, i decided that what was missing from my kitchen is a WOK. but, after much consideration and internet browsing, i've come to the conclusion that instead of a wok, i should get a large sauté or fry pan (not many people seem to use woks). the problem is, i already have two fry pans... can i really justify getting another one, that is a little bigger?

so, this brings me back to getting a wok... seems good for me in one way (less spilling while cooking) but, also very dangerous (doesn't have a flat bottom, so i really have to keep my hand on it the whole time).

camera stuff

bought a new lens (macro 55mm) for my FM2... haven't figure out exactly what use this is for me... close up pictures... well, i could, if there was enough light! maybe my next camera purchase needs to be a flash. i could use a tripod, but, i think a flash is a little more portable.

Monday, February 16


I have yet to make pizza that looks like this... nevertheless, we did have some tasty pizza this weekend.

i didn't follow the directions exactly.... from La Cucina Italiana

they said:

to let the dough rise in the fridge overnight (i did maybe 4 hours)

to let the dough rise again, minimum 4 hours (i did maybe 2 hours)

i did get some bufala mozzarella, which is very tasty and worth it (although i didn't eat much of it)

I'm not sure we will ever be able to get that really bubbly-looking crust. and i am convinced that it is not because i do not have a pizza stone.

I will try this dough recipe again, following the instructions exactly, and see what happens!

Wednesday, February 11

hello kitty + M.A.C.

hi. I'm actually not that crazy about Hello Kitty (see previous post). but, i find it interesting that she/it is popular here, and in this situation, in a serious/grown-up sort of way.

Just as a novelty, i'd like to get this nail polish... gray? even though i don't understand what that has to do with Hello Kitty. A color called On The Prowl doesn't make me thing of Hello Kitty either... can she even prowl?

make up brush holder... is there a way i can justify this purchase?

see for yourselves

Monday, February 9

twitter + zappos

this blog post by the CEO of Zappos makes me so happy and, in a more (spiritual?) deeper way, i'm glad that someone was able to put to words, what i like about Twitter, because i could not explain why.

thank you Mr. Zappos.

(link from K Rose)

if you want, follow me on Twitter

oh, and follow the most popular guy on Twitter (stephen fry)

Sunday, February 8

artwork, pt. 1

spent my saturday looking at a strange variety of artwork, starting with Fred Sandback

then on to Gagosian for the Sonnabend Warhol show

Seeing Andy Warhol's work always makes me melancholy... it's all very doom & gloom. I wish he were still around. He is such a big part of how i ended up in new york city. I wonder what he would be like and how his artwork would have fared (?) if he were alive.

Thursday, February 5

more winter

who's ready for the weather (and economy) to warm up??