Monday, January 5

sly cat

i really like cats. and especially now more than ever... for a couple of reasons. seems like both J and i are allergic to dogs (or maybe rabbits, can't tell) so... cats it is. well, good thing because i've always liked cats more.

anyway, over the holiday, i met a very sly/cunning kitty! her name is Tara (named after the japanese word for cod). she is still a kitten, but she is really brilliant!

J noticed that one of my rings was missing off of our bedside table (2nd floor bedroom) and we looked all over the room (wall-to-wall carpet) thinking she wouldn't be able to slide/scoot it into another room due to the carpet.

We continued to look all over the house, upstairs and downstairs. I gave up looking... i figured that if it was meant to be found, it would show up...

Both J and my mom had seen Tara wandering around our room, looking mischievous. so, we asked her, followed her around the house for any hiding spots, and tried to re-enact the 'robbery'. she wouldn't cooperate. but she quickly became the prime suspect when she picked up one of my other rings in her mouth (something i thought a cat would not do) and walked a few steps.

the next day, J followed Tara down to the basement, low and behold, my ring, under a large carpet, with a bunch of other 'loot'.

i keep trying to picture her carrying my ring in her mouth, down two flights of stairs... to a room that has a smooth floor, so that she could get her play on. unbelievable, right?

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