Friday, October 31

back to normal

i think the entire month of october was spent in a kind of daze. i am glad, that, now it is october 31st (otherwise known as halloween), i can re-gain control of my life.
and because we somehow 'skipped' autumn and jumped right into winter, i completely forgot that it is my mom's birthday tomorrow (opps!) and that thanksgiving and christmas are right around the corner.

let the shopping begin!!!!!!

oh... did you say, "yuko, what about the economy?"... well, i say, "f*** the economy, i need new clothes for this cold weather we are having!!"


going to versailles was worth the crazy trip to paris... not sure i will ever find myself there again (i hope so)... but it was a once in a lifetime experience.
really beautiful (even if it's autumn and trees/flowers were not at their peak) and tranquil (the gardens). Seeing the Palace was kind of a nightmare (tour groups and just the masses of people trying to take pictures, me included)... maybe that is why the gardens were so peaceful and romantic!

all photos by josh

Tuesday, October 28

back from paris

i'm back from paris. it was a whirlwind of a trip... partly to do with the fact that i wasn't 100% finished with the japanese jetlag, and because i was in paris for such a brief time (almost exactly 48 hrs)

timeline (time in nyc/paris):

4:30pm/10:30pm leave work, head for Newark airport
8:00pm/2:00am board continental flight #135

3:00am/9:40am arrive in paris
8:00am/2:00pm after showering, unpacking and a quick nap, head out for some shopping/window shopping
1:30pm/7:30pm meet up with Josh at FIAC
7:30pm/1:30am back to hotel after dinner and party
2:00am/8:00am wake up
3:00am/9:00am train to Versailles
9:00am/3:00pm leave Versailles
1:00pm/7:00pm buy macarons at Pierre Hermé
3:00pm/9:00pm crash... did not eat dinner
Sunday ----- daylight saving ends (europe only) -----
4:00am/9:00am breakfast at Café de Flore
9:30am/12:30pm board continental flight #55
6:30pm/11:30pm back home

Thursday, October 23

traveling again

i'll be away for a few days. hope to come back with some nice pictures of Jeff Koons at Versailles

Tuesday, October 21

日本 民家園

some more pictures from Japan. these are from the Nihon Minka En

Monday, October 20

pain au chocolat

this is my current 'go-to' breakfast... i never thought i would like this, but a modest size pastry with a small worm-like stripe of bittersweet chocolate inside is like heaven with a nice mug of english breakfast tea. i somehow thought that chocolate for breakfast would be too sweet, but this is actually less sweet than a fruity danish or a scone.

on a separate note: the heat hasn't been turned on in the building... i think i just about froze my self to sleep last night. i woke up in the middle of the night curled up with sherlock. needless to say, it was hard to get out of bed this morning.

Friday, October 17

(more) pictures from Miyajima

Miyajima is so picturesque/photogenic... it's like everywhere you turn, it's a kodak moment (or in this situation, i think it was a fuji moment).

Thursday, October 16


as i drag myself around all day, half awake & very tired... i'm starting to miss japan. plus i think i am depressed because the red sox are doing so poorly (or that the rays are unbeatable). who wants to watch a phillies vs. rays world series??

one thing i really miss about japan: the endless snacks... vending machines with whatever your heart desires and little sandwiches.

Update: RED SOX WON game 5!!!

Sunday, October 12

jet lag

uhhhmmmm... just woke up for a little 'nap'. this jet lag is tough. i think i am beating it, until i find myself waking up in bed, at 6pm. opps!

anyway, some exciting (stressful) things that have happened, that have added to my unrelenting tired-ness:

#1. lost my cell phone on way to airport, leaving nyc. then got it back. stress time: 45 minutes. felt like an eternity but now seems like just a bad dream. (it happened at 6am)

#2. J's external hard drive crashed. the day after we returned. Made an emergency trip to B & H (luckily they were open... take
a look at their schedule for this month)

*On a separate note, did you know that you can now buy a 1 terabyte hard drive for $150? Crazy!!

#3. stock markets fall by a lot (not sure of exact numbers) the whole time we are on vacation, and we are spending lots of money. Probably wasn't the best thing to do, but could not resist the clothes. Also, US dollar value fell significantly as well, so the exchange rate got progressively worse during the trip... boooo!

anyway, on a more cheerful side of things, we saw a tanuki!!!

oh... hi there!

as you may have guessed, we went to japan, and i had thought i would blog while away, so, i didn't write a "i'll be back" post... sorry.

anyway, here are some pictures. We had our longest vacation yet, 8 nights! it was lots of fun and spent too much ¥¥.