Sunday, September 28


lovely dinner at barbuto. i'd always
wanted to go... but somehow, heard mixed reviews... anyway, the food was really tasty.
although the service seemed a bit rushed, and strangely, we were sat in the middle of
the restaurant, while everyone else was sat around the perimeter (windows)... the food
made up for it. anyway, it was fun.

i'd have to say, though, the best thing about dinner.. was walking outside and
seeing this perfect dog!!! (don't tell sherlock)

Saturday, September 27


very dark morning... this photo was taken at quarter of noon.

and... i did laundry at 9 am, and my clothes are still not dry! (it is 10:30pm now)
i do like these gray/humid/autumn days though. it seems more 'quiet', and everything
is a little melancholy. it was a nice, peaceful morning of running errands and cleaning the house.
but then i headed into the city.. and it's the same old same old.. hustle and bustle.
and so many tourists. i did what i had to do (get shoes repaired) and headed right back home.

Thursday, September 25

hair styles

thinking about cutting my hair... probably won't happen for awhile, but i really want to 'chop it off'..... i think my showering time is 2X longer than with shorter hair. i do like having my hair in a ponytail, but most of the times, it bothers me. i look at people with long, long hair and i am amazed that they can do it.

by the way, isn't this (1st pic) neck cuff (what looks like an elastic band) thing cool?! (from YSL fall 08)

images from

Wednesday, September 24

price checking

conveniently, APC posts prices, in various currencies... trying to figure out where to buy this dress

NYC $330.00 (+ $27.64 tax) = $357.64

France €220.00 = $318.36 (i could get some of the tax back, right? well,
i'll probably be too lazy anyway)

Japan ¥33600 = $314.00

I cannot remember if there is sales tax in japan... probably.

Tuesday, September 23


carried too many heavy books home... a little too ambitious. even with josh's help, my shoulders are achey!!!

check out my daytum

Monday, September 22

more travels

getting ready for some more traveling. i think this book is really all i need to get around
France, right?

Sunday, September 21

friday, part 2

this was my outfit on friday... it was pretty chilly, and i was able to wear these
'thicker' pants, and my (uncomfortable) Tricot shoes. i hope someday i will break
these shoes in, but until then, i have to walk very slowly (which makes me crazy).

I am still waiting for a resolution from ebay. i'll let you know once it's all settled.
I realize i am making this sound more dramatic than it probably is... i guess that
is the nature of blogging?

Friday, September 19


late in posting this... sorry

Wednesday, September 17


it's been a tough couple of weeks... no clothes shopping. i broke down two weekends
ago and bought a pair of shoes (picture), but then returned them the following
weekend.... i can't tell you how many times i've gotten my credit card out of
my wallet, ready to punch in the numbers on some online clothing store... and
then i slowly come to my senses... realizing that i don't actually NEED another
pair of black leggings.

on a separate note, i hate ebay. i'll explain after all the dust has settled.
let me just say for now: put a really hard password on your account.

Tuesday, September 16

arts & science

i think i've already spent all my money at Arts & Science. this is one brand/store that drives me crazy with their wonderful clothes (and their high prices)

Monday, September 15

Jean-Luc Mylayne

go see this show at Gladstone

they are wonderful photographs of birds. It's interesting how he gets you to move around the image, looking for birds, by playing with the focus and the composition. Frequently, the bird is in the foreground, but somehow your eye looks up, or at the center, and misses the bird initially. kind of like in real life... where you have to really sit still and observe.

images from his book

Saturday, September 13

iphone 2.1

one change i noticed that i hadn't read about (yet, at least i think so...)

songs in playlists give the artist name .... this is fantastic!!!

by the way, these songs are from the lemur blog, a great source for dance-y electronic music.


strange fortune, after eating a large lunch. i'm really thinking that fortunes in fortune cookies aren't what they used to be... right?

Friday, September 12

old photo

nice web app for generating an old-looking photo

(original photograph by josh)

Thursday, September 11


5 minutes later...

sometime a simple dinner (quick & easy) really hits the spot!

Wednesday, September 10

cats + fashion

Cat Party is my new favorite blog.... cats + fashion = GREAT!!

Monday, September 8


going to my one and only fashion show tomorrow... what to wear?

thinking all of a sudden that i don't have enough clothes..

uh-oh... it's gonna rain too!!

Sunday, September 7

180 degrees

today couldn't be more opposite from yesterday.
dry, blue sky... i don't think i saw one cloud.

took a trip to the city, to see if we could get into the colette x gap store.
there was a line, but didn't have to wait too long (20 minutes?). it was fun
people-watching on fifth avenue as i'm usually in such rush to leave that area.

the sun was so bright and intense, everyone (and every creatures) shadows were
really cool-looking!

got an afternoon snack at popburger on 58th street

oh, by the way, i bought this keychain at the store, and turned it into a pin
decoration... (took off keyring, put on this pin). i would ruin this instantly if
i kept it with my keys.

Saturday, September 6

oh, hanna!

88% humidity + rain + dark = stay at home and watch tv. it really feels like
night time. I know it is getting dark earlier... but this makes me just want
to crawl into bed... too bad it's so warm and humid!!

on the plus-side tho... the humidity makes my skin feels great!

Friday, September 5


hmmm... this week has been busy... busier than the past few weeks, and i've
been tired. the 'back-to-school' feeling is not so exciting for me this year.
maybe because the weather was so nice the last two weeks of august? or maybe
because i've decided no more new clothes until october, or, maybe it's just
'cause i'm not actually going 'back-to-school', and actually, just going to
work.. like i have been all summer long...........

Thursday, September 4


We (josh, melody, and nate) took a trip up to Connecticut to go see the Rolex
Vintage Festival
and it is also how i got some nice/red sunburn/suntan on my

i don't think they make car paint like this anymore... glossy!

i'm not sure i like these chrome-y cars... it's a bit flashy, isn't it?

this was such a bad-ass car... some kind of ferrari

nice to see this one, as this is probably the condition (okay, maybe worse)
that most of these cars are actually found in these days