Thursday, February 28

oh snap!

funny gothamist post about (NYC) subway vs. (DC) metro... i don't think there is any comparison, really, but i understand that people are always trying to talk trash about nyc. it's pure jealousy, isn't it? unless you're in politics, why would you want to live in dc?

Sunday, February 24


delicious pizza from una pizza napoletana. I can't get over the price of the food ($21 for a small pizza). I'm all for good/real ingredients but this was pricey for what it was. J says it was the best pizza he's had. I thought it was good, but not perfect.

anyway, they have really beautiful business cards!!

Wednesday, February 13

cucumber castle

anyone know what this means?? the 70's must have been a strange time....

Saturday, February 9

pink dress??

if you'd asked me if i would wear a pink dress a couple years ago (or maybe even a couple months ago) i would have Laughed!! but with the deep depression of winter, pink looks really great!!

zero maria cornejo f/w 08

jil sander s/s 08

marni s/s 08

but who am i kidding... i want this!

Friday, February 8

full moons

oooooooohh...... looking ominous!

Thursday, February 7

megan whitmarsh

via scout holiday

fantastic artwork!! i really like this... it's a perfect mix of craft (embroidery) and modern stuff (star wars)

Monday, February 4


who knew about this word?

\ˈbe-li-ˌkōs\ favoring or inclined to start quarrels or wars

taken from gary hart's post on huffington post (last paragraph)