Thursday, January 31

top gun

Just caught most of Top Gun on AMC... such a great movie... but....

oh snap! it's only available in HD DVD (not blu-ray)... BOOOO!

Tuesday, January 29

dreaming of sverige

a friend of mine is going to stockholm for business and all of a sudden, i thought, "i want to go too!!" Then i thought the $$ exchange rate would be out of hand... but $1 to 6KOR seems okay! I think, when i was at swedish camp (back in the day), the US dollar to kronor was like 1 to 7. i think... it definitely wasn't more...

Sunday, January 27

recent food

yeah... i've been eating well...i think january is a dark month, and nothing makes me happier than having a really tasty dinner!

soba at the new Soba Totto

yook kae jang at korean restaurant (i can't remember the name!)

boulliabaisse at Ed's Lobster Bar

Nick's Pizza

Tuesday, January 22


i am not a belt person. never have been, as far as i can remember... I think when i was little, i thought of them as 'boys stuff'. well... i am kind of enamored by them now.. and i have a pair of wool shorts that are a little to big for me, and need a little 'cinching'. i was at Hollander & Lexer this weekend and saw a nice billykirk belt there.... what do you think? It comes in black, but the best thing about it is the latch... very easy-off.

(last night a) backup saved my life

... well, that's a bit of an exaggeration. but i had accidentally (i don't even know when i did this) closed a Stickies page with all kinds of important notes on it for work! It wasn't the end of the world, but there were things i had written on there, so that i wouldn't forget! anyway, i realized that maybe Backup could save me... and it did! I was able to restore just the Stickies backup from a couple days ago (i have Backup run every morning for various documents).... and i am back to normal. hurrah.

Wednesday, January 16

post #401

as a result of the previous post, i went though my recent receipts scattered on my desk, and quickly fell into a deep depression. After seeing how much money i've spent (not including x-mas presents) over the past 3 months (and, yes, my desk is that cluttered that i have 3 months of receipts loosely scattered around), maybe this new project of mine is not such a good idea... hmmmm.

anyway, on a separate note, do these glasses make me look smarter?

Monday, January 14

the feltron eight

i love this... i love the idea of meticulously keeping track of all day-to-day activities, and then compiling them into easy-to-look-at charts/graphs/whatevers. Similar to the pie charts that flipflopflyin makes.... which i also love. The Feltron Eight may be a bit to slick for my taste, but the idea that day-to-day activities tally-ed up at the end of the year (or even month) is fascinating to me... so.. i am going to do my best and keep track of (at least) my spendings ($$), because that is what i do so well, and so much of... wish me luck.

Thursday, January 10


ugh... havent been feeling much like blogging.... not sure why... not much to say, i guess. then i find out that this post will be #400. (kind of an evil number?) That's more posts than i would have guessed... so, i guess that's a kind of accomplishment.

well. sorry. this is kind of a retarded post. maybe being nicer (new years resolution) means that i lose some cheerfulness. it's always a balance isn't it? like, if you're blind, you've probably got great hearing...

Tuesday, January 1

new year

how was everyone's holiday? i think i still need a little more time to recover! and, no, not because i was drinking yesterday... it's just been a very hectic week of traveling, over-eating and late nights. i think next holiday season, i want to do less and sleep more! nah... it was lots of fun, and good to see all the family. and i managed to not get sick this year! yippee!

have you made any new years resolutions??

my new years resolution(s): be nicer

pictures from the car

not exactly the moving pictures that i get from walking, but the same idea... unfortunately, there is no blurrrrr.

top picture: to maine
bottom picture: returning home