Monday, December 22

big safety pins

there's been something in the air.... that has made these large antique safety pins come out of the woodwork.... lovely things, but i am not sure what they were used for.... (any ideas?)

anyway, i got my filson hood in the mail today (just in time for the dry sunny weather!) and there are some button holes in the back (to attach the hood to a jacket), and i thought the safety pin could be used to attach it to another jacket (i don't own a filson jacket) or, to 'sinch' they hood.

speaking of modifications.. i was successful at sewing in a liner for my cheaply made j. crew bag. i had a small piece of a liberty print fabric, and luckily, i didn't screw up too much...

expensive (for what it is) UNLINED leather bag

and after about 2.5 hours of machine sewing and hand sewing

the part that i screwed up was when i measured the bag, i just measured the top width, and cut the fabric for that measurement, and later realized that the bag gets bigger (wider) towards the bottom! so, i had to sew in a extra strip of fabric. and the hand-stitching to the bag was difficult (to say the least) and it isn't even or straight. oh well.

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Melody said...

That's really impressive sewing on that bag!! nice work!

Think the big pins were for knitting? Holding panels together maybe? Or diaper pins?