Wednesday, November 19

the Met

i went to the met a couple weekends ago... to see the Morandi exhibit. The show is really beautiful, but i had issues with the space. The space is shaped like a donut and so, it was never clear where the show 'begins'. Also, the walls were covered with a beige-y fabric, that the paintings were hung on, but for some there was an additional fabric covered 'stretcher' that the paintings were hung on, and therefore, i guess, brought out different colors in the painting. I thought it was more distracting and awkward than good.

anyway,i wandered through the french period rooms, because i wanted to compare the Versailles experience... well, it doesn't compare, obviously, but the advantages of not being at versailles, is that i was the only one in most of these rooms....

And, they have quivering fake candle-bulbs.

it's hard to explain, but the entire blub, moves, not just the filament. no one has believed me yet... i know. it sounds crazy. and it's a bit Disney Haunted Mansion for my taste, but it's kind of a neat technology!

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Little Nutbrown Hare said...

They move!?!? Argh I need to see it.