Sunday, November 16

getting older?

i'm not feeling a day older.... in fact, i am really enjoying the possibilities of being a little crazy and forgetful (not that all old people are crazy and forgetful, but you know what i mean). it's already trickled in, but i feel like i am at the 'limbo' stage of young vs. old. Maybe there will always be a mixture of young vs. old in everything (especially the way i dress) and that's okay too, right?

so, on the 'young' theme... i have been playing little big planet. A gift from J. It's a wild game, and i'm not so good at it (a lot of timing-your-jumps-perfectly situations that i am not patient enough for) but it is so fun to dress up your character, and, i've done wonders with the interior decoration of my 'pod'.

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