Sunday, November 30

Saturday, November 29

who ate lots?

after 1 hour of cooking

after almost 3 hours of cooking

after "the flip"

after 4 1/2 hours cooking... done!!


happy thanksgiving!

sorry, i can't be bothered to straighten these things in the scanner or with photoshop... !

Friday, November 21

day off

really sunny, but really chilly!!

lunch at clinton street bakery

huevos rancheros for me, omelette for josh and shared salad

record shopping at gimme gimme records

i wanted to do more, but was too cold. will be out again tomorrow... i'm not used
to winter so soon. who's ready for Thanksgiving?

Wednesday, November 19

the Met

i went to the met a couple weekends ago... to see the Morandi exhibit. The show is really beautiful, but i had issues with the space. The space is shaped like a donut and so, it was never clear where the show 'begins'. Also, the walls were covered with a beige-y fabric, that the paintings were hung on, but for some there was an additional fabric covered 'stretcher' that the paintings were hung on, and therefore, i guess, brought out different colors in the painting. I thought it was more distracting and awkward than good.

anyway,i wandered through the french period rooms, because i wanted to compare the Versailles experience... well, it doesn't compare, obviously, but the advantages of not being at versailles, is that i was the only one in most of these rooms....

And, they have quivering fake candle-bulbs.

it's hard to explain, but the entire blub, moves, not just the filament. no one has believed me yet... i know. it sounds crazy. and it's a bit Disney Haunted Mansion for my taste, but it's kind of a neat technology!

Tuesday, November 18

cats for obama

how did i ever miss cats for obama??!!

Monday, November 17


thanks to tommy, i'm completely immersed in reading (looking at) Sonya's Shopping Manual. Unfortunately/fortunately it is written in Japanese, so this will be a good reason to really buckle down and practice my kanji-reading.

speaking of shopping, i'm already tired of christmas tv commercials. Also, i am predicting a not-so-festive christmas this year... just me personally. why, you ask? well, i think it's gonna get here before i am ready, and i'm gonna be scrambling around shopping like a crazy person, and then... i'll be too tired for the actual holiday. This basically happens every year, except that this year, i am anticipating this to all happen, so, maybe i won't be so surprised.

am i crazy yet?

the Metropolitan Museum of Art getting ready for the holidays

Sunday, November 16

getting older?

i'm not feeling a day older.... in fact, i am really enjoying the possibilities of being a little crazy and forgetful (not that all old people are crazy and forgetful, but you know what i mean). it's already trickled in, but i feel like i am at the 'limbo' stage of young vs. old. Maybe there will always be a mixture of young vs. old in everything (especially the way i dress) and that's okay too, right?

so, on the 'young' theme... i have been playing little big planet. A gift from J. It's a wild game, and i'm not so good at it (a lot of timing-your-jumps-perfectly situations that i am not patient enough for) but it is so fun to dress up your character, and, i've done wonders with the interior decoration of my 'pod'.

Saturday, November 8

dinner tonight

instant mapo dofu. it was quite good.

Sunday, November 2

more pictures from Versailles

Josh seems to think that these pictures look funny because the rolls of film have been X-Ray-ed several times at airport security.... they are strangely "old-looking"... i like the effect, they look dreamy and kind of like a distant memory. It was also kind of foggy/hazy when we were there... so it isn't too far off.

on a separate note: i had purchased an audio book to listen to during my travels, The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. I finished it, really enjoyed the book... but was puzzled when I went to the website and was reading reviews and stuff... and some things didn't make sense. Well, i just looked at my Audible playlist and low and behold... i listened to part 2 and part 3 and somehow managed to not download part 1.

i guess i am going to read/listen to this again. maybe i'll buy the physical book this time...