Sunday, August 31

Hundred Acres

lovely brunch at Hundred Acres
(is that the name of an old television program? no! it's where winnie-the-pooh lived... yay!)

anyway, they have a nice greenhouse/indoor garden-type room,
that was super echo-y/noisy but had really great light... for photos!

i took a (singular) picture with my FM2 (the pictures above are taken with
my digital camera), but realized that the 50mm lens is not wide-angle enough.
The 24mm i was using before has too must distortion, stretching everything
out on the sides
. So, i asked Josh if there is anything in between... something
more wide-angle, but without too much distortion...

i think i found my perfect everyday lens... the 35mm f 2.8. I wanted to get
the f 1.4, but it was 3X more expensive, and 2X larger/heavier (at least)!!

urban outfitters?

might have to make a second trip to an urban outfitters this weekend!! (first time was on friday to look for a WC, so maybe that doesn't count... for the record, the one on second ave does not have one for public use).

thanks to susie bubble... she did some thing for them, and blogged about it, and lo and behold, they have a decent selection of tights/leggings and socks! we'll see what the actual stores have, but this is looking good so far! i wonder if it's the eminent arrival of TopShop to nyc that's making these US stores work a bit harder and getting better stuff.

anyway, i like these:

i could wear with this Junya Watanabe cape:

for the full batman/woman look... and getting the (inexpensive) leggings would offset the $$$ cost of the cape! : ) (i realize that doesnt really make sense, but it make sense in my head...)

Saturday, August 30


i guess summer's not over just yet!!

Thursday, August 28

last week of summer?

this week has gone by quick! probably because i am dreading September.

today, i found a song called "wake me up when september ends" by Green Day.
i couldn't agree more!! although...i think it deals with more serious issues,
but i just like the title. Green Day is not bad, right? i really fell in love with the
music, back in school, but never followed them after the Kerplunk album... and
boy! that's a long time ago!!

anyway... i can't wait for october... because this is what i'll be seeing!!

Wednesday, August 27


(photographs taken with the nikon FM2)

it was quite chilly... lows in the low 50s! but lots of fun, and managed

to not get bitten by mosquitoes too much. i figured what works best (after

the fifth year).... clothing.. especially leggings. and, the bites i did get, i
dabbed a little lavender oil. works great!! and this is fleabag. she

is from the caribbean, and insists on sitting in the hot sun, or under
a blanket!

Tuesday, August 26


if this does what is sounds like it does... i can't wait!!!!

my previous post about nicholas felton

Friday, August 22

copy and paste

yes, it would be convenient to have this funcion on the iphone, but, aren't we expecting too much from a phone?

anyway, Ironic Sans has a great idea, and figured out how the functions could be implemented in the same keyboard interface. Kind of brilliant, right? I've thought about how something like this could be possible, for maybe one whole minute, and i realized that my brain doesn't work in that way of figuring out complex problems in a computer-interface-sort of way.

so, anyway, who's ready for the weekend? tomorrow (saturday) will be the last day of summer streets, and the weather is supposed to be beautiful!

Thursday, August 21

fluffy hands & sharp hands

i've been practicing on my depth-of-field focusing with the manual cameras, and well.. it's fun when it works, but doesn't look so good when the wrong thing is in focus. after so many years with a digital and automatic camera, it's strange to get used to really LOOKING at what is in the viewfinder.

and then it is nice to have intentional blurry...

Wednesday, August 20


this was my walking route on the Summer Streets Day .... it was a pleasant walk only because it was a beautiful day. Park Avenue is not such an interesting street to walk down, otherwise. I made a small detour to Madison Square park to see if there were any squirrels out... no luck.

so... since i'm walking so much... i should get some more shoes, right?

I got these Martin Margiela (from the shoebox that sherlock was in) a few weeks ago and a pair from Tricot Comme des Garçons velcro shoes. But I still want more...

or maybe i'll just get some more socks.

Monday, August 18


back from a quick holiday upstate. it's always so much fun, but i am also so happy to be back home. and, i got to see a rainbow! (it's been years since i've seen one)

anyway, more pictures to come (waiting with fingers crossed that the film rolls will come out okay)

Thursday, August 14

hello kitty

i'm not a hello kitty fan. yeah.. she's cute and i have nostalgic memories from my childhood about her. There was this one Sanrio store (not sure it was actually Sanrio, but they carried a lot of their stuff) in Los Angeles i remember... and being completely overwhelmed by the stuff i wanted to have. anyway, i was kind of more into my melody and little twin stars. then i was obsessed with zashikibuta, but i don't think i ever fell in love with another sanrio character again.

anyway, i bought these band-aids this morning... cute huh? i remember from my childhood getting cute printed bandages from japan... and wondering why the U.S. had such boring beige bandages.... Finally!!

also, on a separate note: at the Lever House, Tom Sachs has a bunch of sculptures on view... one of them being a foamcore(-ish) hello kitty

Wednesday, August 13

feeling better

for some reason, last week i was feeling down... but i feel much better. the weather is a bit warmer today too, which is more like it. i think i'm done with sandals though... i've been rifling through my socks drawer for, on average, 5 minutes every morning, trying to find the perfect pair of socks that ties my outfit together.... this perfect idea never happens and i walk out of the house looking a bit odd... but happy, because i love socks!!!

dirty staerk (quoddy) moccasins with Muji striped socks

Tuesday, August 12

is this really august in new york?

i'm sitting here in a sweater! and i'm thinking about putting some socks on! well, i'm not complaining too loudly, but i hope we have a mild september.... i'm not looking forward to winter (have i mentioned this before?) anyway, the weather has been beautiful... dry, with big blue skies.

There photos were taken during my walk down park ave during summer streets (nyc gov initiative to allow more bicycle riding/walking and less cars, unfortunately, it was only from 7am to 1pm). but it was a beautiful morning.

Friday, August 8

commute, this morning

Happily got a seat this morning on the train, but quickly followed with uncomfortable-ness when a very large, coughing man sat next to me. i looked over to him, and put my hand over my mouth, and (thankfully) he quickly mimicked me. the lady that was sitting next to him (on the other side) moved away immediately after he sat down. I always feel uncomfortable in these situations... should i get up, should i stay put, but i don't want to offend the person next to me, and i don't want to look like i am a sissy or appear too sensitive

...but i am also paranoid about getting sick from a fellow subway rider. i think my throat feels scratchy now...

Wednesday, August 6


i'm grooving to this song (btw, i'm feeling better, thanks M)... i wish i found this a little earlier this summer. this song is off of Sebatien Tellier's album Sexuality which was produced by one of the Daft Punk guys (isn't this picture awesome!?)

anyway, i think the video kind of ruins the song (for me) or at the very least it doesn't help, so, close your eyes and just listen (at least once).

Monday, August 4

summer cold

i think i've come down with a summer cold. i've just been tired, can't sleep well, no appetite, etc. I tried sleeping a lot over the weekend and thought it would do me good, but i think i still feel a little 'off'. i think it is the constant hot/humid outside & freezing cold interiors that do me in.

i would like a vacation... i keep daydreaming about some warm, tropical place, where all i need to do is wake up, sit in the sun, shower, and sleep!

1 & 2 Jil Sander store in soho
3 Barbados by josh

Sunday, August 3

sherlock + shoebox

new shoes for me, new box for sherlock (he's feeling better!). I'm not sure why he likes shoe boxes, but luckily J and buy a lot of shoes!! it takes him a few minutes to figure out the right position, and whether he is going to fit... fortunately, everything worked out in the end.

Saturday, August 2

bar pitti

i really like bar pitti. It's a small italian place, in the village, and over the course of twelve years (as long as i've been in nyc) they haven't changed, at all. It is amazingly consistent (for better or for worse), except maybe the clientele has fluctuated.

Service can be rough, waiting for tables can be long, but once you are sitting, and food is in front of's divine!

Friday, August 1


work has consumed me the past few days... and sherlock hasn't been feeling well. maybe the heat? anyway, it's a quiet day today and should be the rest of the weekend. hopefully, i'll take the FM2 out for a spin.