Monday, July 28

the new frozen yogurt

visited red mango twice over the weekend... yes, it's just that good.... (good enough to brave the bleecker street crowds!)

Friday, July 25

sweet music

although it is still summertime, i can't help but start looking to the fall for clothing (yay) and music (yay!). Have you hear of this band called "The Radio Dept."? well, they seem like the perfect soundtrack for the end-of-summer=beginning-of-fall=back-to-school feeling. they are on Labrador and they are part of a free summer sampler that the label put together (conveniently on the pirate bay, by labrador)... i love sweden, and this revives my need to go to sverige!!

get the free summer sampler from labrador (I don't many of the other bands, but they have such nice names, such as: Suburban Kids with Biblical Names)

Thursday, July 24

Fall 2008 APC

i am hoping there will be more (better) things coming to the APC stores... this girl model isn't doin' it for me.... kind of 'blahhh' right?

although this plaid jacket caught my eye:

but this is my favorite page!!

Tuesday, July 22

more beachy pictures

lots of lobsters

ginkgo and gravy

yasuo and josh out in the waves

Monday, July 21


i'm still recovering from a second weekend of, what i like to call, sun-stroke. it's been too hot to blog, sorry. i was sort of trying to post every day, but... well, sorry.

anyway, i also think i had a shellfish overdose. my throat felt a little scratchy and swollen. i would expect it though, after eating 1/2 lobster, a dozen or so large shrimp (cocktail-style), six raw clams, three steamed clams, and all the mussels i could eat (that's a lot).

the only non-shellfish food i ate was one bbq chicken wing (very tasty) and a couple bites of coleslaw (ok).

Wednesday, July 16


i know there probably isn't a lot of difference between hot dogs (see previous post) and hamburgers... unless of course it is a good quality one? but you could probably say the same for a good quality hot dog, right? anyway. i really like a good hamburger. luckily, new york has gone through some crazy hamburger phase... wait, actually, maybe it's not just new york (ny times article about hamburgers in paris). I'm not sure about hamburgers that cost $57, but a good, REAL hamburger is sooooo tasty!

shake shack


freshness burger (maybe this doesn't count as a REAL burger, but it was still yummy!

Tuesday, July 15

hotdog month

according to manhattan users guide, this month is hot dog month... strangely enough, last night i was watching How It's Made, and they did a segment on Hot Dogs!!! Grrrrrrrosss!!!!!

not sure i am going to be celebrating "hot dog month"...

Monday, July 14

portraits of "old men"

Nikon FM2, fujicolor pro 400 (one of sherlock is with flash, obviously)

Sunday, July 13

and finally after eight hours....

i think i've finally recovered from standing outside in the hot sun for 6 hours and freezing cold air conditioning for 2 hours, all for the iphone 3G. it was worth it though. I think of apple fans (fanatics) as a kind of culture, and since i do not belong to any religious organization, apple is a kind of surrogate religion/cult for me.

Somehow i (we) and guessed wrong for how long the line would be (500+ people at 7:45am), and (stupidly) forgot to consider the inevitability of Apple and AT&T servers getting overloaded. If we had been in line 1-2 hours earlier, i think our waiting time would have been drastically reduced. oh well.... next time!

anyway, i think i got sun stroke, or heat exhaustion, is that possible? J tells me no, that those two things are much more serious. well, whatever it is, i am over it, and ready to get on with my day... (my shoulders are still sunburned though!)

so, i was interviewed by here is my, um, 2 seconds of fame!

Friday, July 11

an attempt at using a film camera

this was an old roll of slide film J had around. using his F100.

Thursday, July 10

Wednesday, July 9

i need a....

massage. my neck and shoulder pains aren't going away like they normally do. but the idea of some stranger touching me makes me tense again! plus, it's money that i'd rather spend on good food (healing/relaxing?) or clothes (definitely healing/relaxing). plus... (and i feel like i've already explored this here, so sorry if i'm repeating myself) what happens if i get addicted, and i end up spending $80/week for the rest of my life, just to feel normal?

but the bigger question is... do i get a massage pre-iphone 3G launch or post launch?

Wednesday, July 2

thanks tommy & AB!

this getting me thinking about traveling to tokyo, which reminded me... i need to make hotel reservations... but... ouch! the prices have gone up, plus with the weaker US dollar, things are gonna be more expensive in japan. i think i should start saving now, and stop buying clothes..... nah!!