Monday, June 30

i want

... a new summertime blanket!! I found Swans Island Blankets through T Magazine's feature on Mr. Rogue's Gallery. I've always wanted a nice, light, super cozy summer blanket!! just wondering how i can justify the expensive price tag, and whether sherlock will snag the blanket with his claws... hmmmm....

Sunday, June 29

late evening snack

I didn't want to waste my baby/micro greens from the farmers market i got yesterday. although i really do enjoy my neighborhood market, nothing beat the mother of them all, Union Square. (pictures to come later, hopefully. I took some slide film with J's very heavy F100. Keep your fingers crossed)

Wednesday, June 25

Tuesday, June 24


Monocle trying to get me to continue my subscription... very smart, but with the weak dollar, the super powerful british pound (£75/$148 year subscription), and more than enough magazines piled on my desk... i have to say no.

Friday, June 20


i've fallen off the music bandwagon, and i'm trying to get back on, but i haven't found anything that has really 'rocked my world'. any suggestions? i need nice, summer-y, upbeat, pretty music. singles or whole album recommendations, preferably new music (i think i've got enough old music)

on a separate note, we started watching the Twin Peaks season one DVD.... so creepy and the music is so good!


Thursday, June 19

small, medium, large

not sure how to begin this rant... but here it goes...

i do not hate starbucks. it is convenient (located on almost every corner of nyc) and i do like the iced grande soy chai latte from time to time (although that phrase is almost impossible for me to say). but my experience this morning at a small, independently owned coffee shop made my skin crawl! and makes me want to never to go to a starbucks, because they are making our sad society sadder.

so, this is what happened...

i was just finishing paying for my iced coffee when the next customer was asked what he would like. the guy says, yeah, i want a Venti macchiato. the shop worker very kindly said, WE HAVE SMALL AND LARGE.

i know we call some things by their corporate names (kleenex instead of tissue, xerox instead of copies) but the sizes of coffee cups should not change. especially if they are as arbitrary as tall, grande and venti.

Wednesday, June 18

cheer me up!

from my apartment building window this morning

Thursday, June 5


this morning on my way out of the apartment building, i noticed a squirrel eyeing a flower that had just been planted in a garden bed. i was watching it, to see what he was up to, and then i heard a SNAP coming from out of my view... it was a man from the building trying to shoo the squirrel away!

Later, at work, perusing the ny times, i see this article, Peter Rabbit Must Die. An interesting article about garden pests and how people deal with them. Kind of funny, kind of horrifying!


Wednesday, June 4


trying desperately to not spend (much) money on clothing this month... proving to be difficult as i've subscribed to all sorts of newsletters and whatnot, notifying me of new things to buy, on a daily basis.

4 down, 26 days to go....