Friday, May 30


is it really true that summer is finally here? well, regardless, i put some summertime shoes on!

Happy Weekend everyone!

Friday, May 23


through a whole chain of blogs, i ended up at John Mayer's blog on I don't know much about John, except that he had a big hit or two, or three, but generally not my kind of music (maybe a little too sappy?), and that he was on the Chappelle Show. I liked the skit that he worked on, and basically, that's all i know about him.

So, to end up at his blog, hosted by a cool japanese website is strange. Anyway, he seems like a nice, regular sort of dude. I especially like this post about submitting computer crash reports to apple. I always forget that famous people have normal problems.

Thursday, May 22


i recently made the switch to daily contacts, recommended by my eye doctor, who, i think is great (although her appearance may make you think otherwise). anyway.... so, after figuring out that each day, i am spending $2 ($1 for each eyeball), i've become more conscious of them, financially. I've been trying to wear them longer, which is do-able, because they are somehow more comfortable than my 2-week disposable contacts.

anyway, so to my horror/surprise, i opened up a single contact lens package to find a strange shaped contact:

at first i thought it was a horrible manufacturing defect. but i slowly realized that this was infact 2 contacts, stuck together... SCORE!!! i inspected them before i popped them into my eyes... and they are fine. SWEET!!!


well, it's been awhile, hasn't it? sorry. it's just been ____________ and __________ and i've been __________, ____________ and ___________. but, i've been meaning to write, really.

anyway, go see:

anish kapoor at Gladstone Gallery

Who's afraid of Jasper Johns? at Tony Shafrazi Gallery

Sunday, May 11


which hairstyle looks good? i'm thinking about changing my poupee hair, so that my poupee earings show up... life is difficult, even in the poupee world...

#1. #2. #3.
#4. #5. #6.

Friday, May 2

which is better/best?

too difficult to decide, really. i am so influenced by my surroundings, how hungry i am, the service, how painful or painless the procedure of ordering is, etc. and in the end, they are all SO TASTY!!

is your mouth watering yet?

1. di fara (brooklyn)
2. una pizza napoletana (manhattan)
3. sally's (new haven ct)
4. nick's (queens)