Wednesday, April 30


got my eyes checked today... everything is A-O-K. and got these nice shades! (sweet, i know!).

then slowly read this, erh, uplifting article about monsanto in vanity fair.... scary doesn't even cover it.

Monday, April 28


i wish i had this outfit in real life... poupee is turning out to be a "world of warcraft"-type situation for me... wouldn't it be wonderful if they could incorporate WOW + Poupee... !!

Saturday, April 26

crabs: before and after



and the aftermath...

Thursday, April 24


check out my muxtape. i'll be updating it as often as i post here (i.e. not often). make a muxtape yourself and let me know... leave me a link in the comments!

uploading is a bit slow, but i like the restrictions (12 songs max, mp3s only).

Sunday, April 20


a picture of my computer at one point... is only being used for uploading pictures to poupee.... and i'm so bummed i missed a day!!


funny... flickr getting into the LOL-speak!

Wednesday, April 16

Thursday, April 10


sorry, i've been away, physically (in toronto) and mentally (with poupée)

Poupée: (which means doll, in french) is my new internet fascination, better than myspace, facebook, or whatever online social network. It's virtual shopping for the virtual me!!!

here are some of my most cutest outfits!!