Sunday, March 30

posole: before and after




beautiful but brisk(!) saturday... josh had the day off... which was a nice surprise. walked around the city...ate some good food... but...

all i can think about is Pixel Junk Monsters!!

Thursday, March 20

view from 7 world trade center

trying to take a picture of the raindrops rolling down the window

the view north

the view directly south

(#2 & #3 by josh)

Wednesday, March 19

more pies

my first attempt at the google charts

absolutely lovely!!

Kiki Smith wallpaper from studio printworks

Monday, March 17

Desert Island

new book from Desert Island (i really want to say deserted island)

Wednesday, March 5

artwork idea #1 (?)

Really a nice idea of documenting and stretching/exercising the 'little grey cells'

Kent Rogowski's Homes(from memory) 1974-1992

i've been thinking about making drawings of clothes that i cherished when i was little.... (now all i need to do is figure out how to use my stupid wacom tablet!!)

Sunday, March 2

tea time

quiet weekend... but got a lot done... i can't wait for spring though. It's these transitional times that are so difficult for me to dress for (mild during the day, but still bitterly cold at night!). especially since i can't wait to break into my new spring/summer stuff.... i'm ready to pack my winter jackets away... anyone?