Tuesday, October 23

new york magazine

current issue of New York Magazine is about design and profiles a interesting variety of new york home designers. It's interesting to see the trends and ideas that look retro/cool now (Zeisel), or dated (D'Urso), or super slick futuristic (Calatrava).


STUNNING! it doesn't list the estimate for the auction, but i am going to guess... $5 Million?

Monday, October 22

H. P.

forgot for a second how excellent the Harry Potter books are and how affected i was by the last one...

this article brought it all back (including the tears!). If you haven't finished the last book (errh, J), do not read, it includes spoilers!!

strange though, i never thought dumbledore as gay... hmmmm...

Friday, October 19

friday nite

*bowl of yogurt & honey for dessert

*watching E.T.. Kind of a creepy movie, but i haven't seen it since, well, i saw it in the theater!

*trying to figure out how to use a wacom tablet (difficult)

so happy it's friday!!

Thursday, October 18

phil collins

i've been going through a Phil Collins phase lately.... it all started when Flora was talking about a This American Life story about break-ups, and it featured the song "Against All Odds" by Phil. Then, in Tokyo, J and i went to Shimokitazawa (recommended by hajime) and stumbled upon a record store, and bought a 12" single of "Don't Lose My Number".

I was never crazy about any of these songs back when they were popular, but they were SO popular, that they are embedded in my memory/childhood.

Oh, the sweet sounds of the Eighties.... they just don't make music like they used to.

which boots?

please help me decide:

ann demeulemeester combat boots


sartore calf boots

Tuesday, October 16


... to Garamon.

he sold for $720.00

Friday, October 12

tokyo 2007

not sure where to start... plus i'm tired and hungry right now so i'm not thinking too clearly. well, here is a flickr photoset.

highlights and/or observations (in no particular order, but just the way my brain is remembering right now):

* for some reason, i thought it wasn't going to be a crazy trip and that i was getting older, and things would seem "not-so-different" from nyc.... WRONG. very, very wrong.

* the multitude of things that are made in USA and classic american things from an era that most people here (in the USA) don't appreciate or might not even know about. It's unbelievable the things that J and I bought, that are made in the USA, but only available in Japan.

* stumbling upon an onigiri cafe in daikanyama

* not a lot of consideration for the disabled or elder (or my climacophobia) in tokyo, in regards to stairways into stores: Nike 1 Love, United Bamboo omotesando and this crazy store in daikanyama where my legs were trembling going down the concrete stairway with no railing.

*Most store clerks are super nice... sometimes a little overbearing, but they all mean well. Best store clerk/sales person award: to the guy at Fames who stopped us on the street to let us know the story behind a new era hat that J got a couple days before.

Friday, October 5

ANA flight #1

Waiting to board, originally uploaded by yuko 'n sherlock.

sitting at Dulles airport waiting to board. Nice view of our plane.

Wednesday, October 3


kanye wearing a piping-light-up jacket on SNL when he sang Stronger.

I know it's cheezy, but i do like this song. maybe it's just because i really like the original, and anything that incorporates Harder Better Faster Stronger is gonna get a thumbs up from me (not unlike the Daft Hands person on youtube)....

Tuesday, October 2


Was in a shop over the weekend, looking for a birthday present for someone. A salesperson asked if I needed help, and i explained that I was looking for
a gift. He then pulls out a cardigan off the shelf and
says, "this cardigan here is so CHOICE"...

um... That takes me back
to, is it "Pretty In Pink"? Was that something Duckie said? Yeah, I
admit I used that word, in junior high, thinking I was so cool and
hip, but now? and in such a contrived and/or forced way? I moved
away from him and continued looking on my own. The strange
coincidence is that all this week i've been listening to music from
John Hughes films. I've been debating which one is my favorite: