Monday, July 30

gossypium barbadense

Don't ask me how to pronounce that, it's the latin term for Sea Island Cotton. I had never heard of it until recently... but got a pair of leggings made out of the wonderful stuff. It's soft and seem strong (i haven't washed them yet, though). I'm still not sure what is so great about it. Although according to wikipedia, it ...

...has antifungal properties and contains the chemical gossypol, making it insect resistant. It is also sometimes used as an anti-fertility drug.

shouldn't people be harnessing the powers of the sea island cotton? Contraception + insect resistant= best combination ever!

Sunday, July 29

saturday pampering

the word pampering reminds me of Pampers, and that grosses me out... but there really is no better word to describe my saturday... i slept in, and then got a facial at Pure Spa. I've never had a facial, and was a little nervous, but my... um... technician(?) Leah, was very nice and explained everything that she was about to do. I could do without the full arm massage with sweet-smelling paste-like stuff (this proves my theory that i won't like a full body massage, and i'm glad i found out this way) the spa was really nice... very dark but clean (important) and with a nice, light smell wafting through the whole space. The space used to be a horrible night club, and now, next door is a butcher, so, i was a little concerned about this before i went. The relaxation (waiting) room was a little strange, i guess. Both women and men (and there were, suprisingly a few men)... we're all sitting on big, fluffy sofas in a small room, with just robes on... anyway, everyone was nice, and the place was quite busy, but i didn't feel rushed or forgotten by the staff (which i have felt going to the doctors office).

it was a good experience, and my skin still feels nice and's expensive ($80), but i definitely got my money's worth (i was there for 1.5 hrs!).

anyway, i came home, took a nap, then watched Little Miss Sunshine.... a weird but good movie.

Friday, July 27

Thursday, July 26

10 songs for july

Young Folks by Peter Bjorn and John
Fancy Footwork by Chromeo
Chick Fit by All Saints (Kissy Sell Out remix)
Halloween by Matt Pond PA
Corduroy Boy by Neva Geoffrey
White Dove by John Vanderslice
The Perfect Crime #2 by The Decemberists (ATOC remix)
Sleeping Lessons by The Shins (RAC Mix)
Black State by The National
Hazel St by Deerhunter

most, if not, all of this music can be found by going to The Hype Machine or Elbows

on a side note: as i was figuring out all the links for this post, i noticed that The Shins are originally from Albuquerque NM (they now reside in Portland OR).... weird. I feel like i should know them, personally (i grew up in Santa Fe). of course i don't /didn't know many people from Albuquerque, when i was growing up, but ABQ/SF is so small!

Wednesday, July 25


i was attempting to make a Rhapsody playlist of the new Guitar Hero game, and came a cross a song i couldn't find... the only one. hmm.. well, the band name doesn't sound familiar to me, but that's not anything new... so, i did a google search... and, it turns out they are from Homestar Runner....

i really like the fact that they are using songs that are, um, made by fictional bands (GH II had Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight by Spinal Tap). anyway, here is the Rhapsody playlist, minus the Limozeen song.

My Rhapsody Playlist

Monday, July 23

an attempt at a graph

my interest/dis-interest of Kanye West

Thursday, July 19


i can feel the anticipation in the air.... for me, it's very similar to when the iphone was released, although this may be bigger... at least on a world-wide scale. I am frantically trying to finish order of the phoenix and read the half-blood prince before UPS arrives on saturday with the deathly hollows.... can it be done? i'm almost done with order of the phoenix, but not sure i can completely read the half-blood prince in, uh... 2 days. (do i just read as much as i can, and then when i get the deathly hollows i drop it, or try to finish reading half-blood prince?)

i was surprised to see that there was a NY Times review of the book, and i am glad that JK Rowling is pissed... i actually am too.


Wednesday, July 18


picked up my breakfast at whole foods, walked out, and on the side of the building, a line of people waiting all the way down to eighth avenue.... holding their umbrellas. I wanted to ask what they were waiting in line for.... it better be good, because it was pouring!! but i didn't ask and walked to work.

well, this is what they were waiting to buy....

i'm glad i didn't ask them... i would have been confused, and somewhat amazed at people waiting (don't these people have to go to work?) for a tote bag that says to the world... "i care for the environment". i guess this is the "IT" bag of the summer.

Update: selling on ebay for over $200 (UK version)
Update #2: NY Times article

Friday, July 13

Jonas Wood

i really like this work. best painting show i've seen in awhile....

Thursday, July 12

Order of the Phoenix

Saw this movie last night at Loews Lincoln Square (Loews theater).... I want to see it again. and read the books, again. I was holding back the tears throughout most of the movie... the way the fantastic world of hogwarts and the whole wizarding community comes crashing down makes me so sad!!... it's like the wonderful world to escape to is turning into a nightmare. also, i can't help but think about next friday and the release of the final book... i really could wait longer for the final book.

Monday, July 9

update on the iphone headphone jack-thing

so, i broke down and bought the belkin headphone adapter. it's actually not as bad as i was thinking. it actually flexes.


here is a list of my meals for the past weekend:

sesame bagel with cream cheese and sliced tomatoes take out from Panini Giusto
hot dog at PS 1
fried chicken + french fries at UFC

ham, egg and cheese (delivered from Brothers)
pineapple froz-fruit in central park
murg lajwab at Jackson Diner

Friday, July 6


finally got my 'book' from McSweeney! nice prints (as in regular book printing-prints).... i think i'll have to frame a couple of them. it may be the closest i get to actually owning a real work by Marcel Dzama.

Thursday, July 5


update to my iphone post...

annoyingly, on the griffin technology website they say, "check back often...." for iphone accessories...

well, i don't want to check back often, so i emailed them, asking if they could email me when the headphone adapter becomes available (i've seen other websites offer this service)... when, they write me back with:


Just keep checking this link:



Griffin Technology
Support Technician

not sure i want to support this company. maybe they don't understand how serious the headphone problem is...!


did i tell you how much i loved this movie? kind of can't stop thinking about it.... strange how movies do this to me..... if there was a book based on the movie (or vice versa) i'd probably be reading it right now... just to get more of the story..... it's really the sweetest movie ever, and i hate having to explain to people that it is an animation... but that it is really good... like automatically, everyone expects animation/cartoons to be bad. definitely not the case with this one, or with any of the Pixar films.

go check it out!!!

Wednesday, July 4

back to work

at least for 2 days... then it's the weekend again!

happy fourth of july everyone!

yeah... it's been awhile

sorry, it's been awhile... i've been busy on the tumblr and waiting in line for a certain new gadget. finally getting back on my laptop (everything i do on the computer, basically, can be done on my iphone!) it's nice to actually type on a keyboard, tho! it been a beautiful past few days here in nyc, but for good 'ole Independence Day, it's super gray and chilly! This is probably the strangest weather for the fourth of July, yet!

anyway, my first thoughts of the iphone:

incredibly pissed about the headphone jack... means i'll still be using my nano until i can get a good adapter (not the giant Belkin one there were selling at the apple store)

obviously needs a quick software update of the following: copy-and-paste function, removing the 'stocks' button on the home-page (and just general customizing), to be able to choose the alert sounds of various 'alerts' (new mail, new voicemail, new sms, etc)... they are all the same, and between J and my phone, i can never tell whose phone is buzzing.

i wish it had a little loop for a cell-phone strap. i really am used to straps on things (camera) and it's a handy way of grabbing something.

google calendar syncing with ical(i know i can use google calendar on the web, but it's not the same)

weather icon on the homepage to display the actual weather, instead of a constant 73 degrees and sunny (is that too much to ask? that's one J mentioned)...

things i love:

checking my email with this tiny gadget

the edge network is really great!

the calculator

everything else (oh, and, yeah... i do believe in a god)

(check out my flickr set of waiting-in-line-for-the-iphone fun!)