Saturday, March 31

shoes shoes shoes shoes shoes

i can't believe how long its been since i've bought myself a pair of shoes.... something like over 3 months...

doesn't mean i haven't been looking.. i guess i was waiting for some spring/summer shoes! I think the last shoes i got were my moccasins!?

well, i've made up for some lost time...

Friday, March 30

SO Perfect!!

I REALLY, REALLY want this!!! Anyone in Japan? I am willing to pay LOTS of $$ for this one!!!

I've been wanting some sort over "overall"-type situation.. but i really don't want to end up looking like a farmer. And i don't want one that's somehow not 'classic'. It's a fine line and the wonderful designer(s) at HeadPorter Plus did a beautiful job... who knows how this looks on, but just hanging in my closet would make me happy!!

via Naive

Wednesday, March 28

polar bears

i'm sick so i'm keeping it brief

so cute... and so beautifully drawn. check out this artist

(via blaksquirrel)

Wednesday, March 21

this makes me crazy!!

i know i am a carnivore, and eating fish and whatever else that lives in the ocean has some negative effect on the whales and the whole ecosystem of the ocean... but this wire in the ny times seems worse, doesn't it?

When I first learned that the sonar from naval/military/whatever ships might be a cause for the massive beached whales... i got that crazy sinking feeling in my stomach...

please, no more suffering for the poor whales!!!

Critics say active sonar, which sailors use by pumping sound through water and listening for objects the sound bounces off of, can strand and even kill marine mammals. A U.S. Congressional Research Service report last year found Navy sonar exercises had been responsible for at least six mass deaths and unusual behavior among whales. Many of the beached or dead animals had damaged hearing organs.

I think today is a good day for me to 'adopt a whale'.... please join me!

Friday, March 16


when i first heard of this drink (via Sarah Lane), i was confused because 'kombucha' in japanese means basically a tea (green) with flavorings of kombu (kelp/seaweed used for broth/flavoring). but anyway, i tried it, and spit it out immediately, thinking it had gone bad.... but i read the bottle carefully and realized that the fizzy, funky taste is all good (and nothing like the japanese tea).

it's an acquired taste, but since i am a sucker for advertising, i quickly believed all ideas of it being good for you (things that are 'good-for-you' never taste great, right?)... i quickly learned to love kombucha. anyway, on the bottle it mentions 'strands', and i thought maybe they are invisible things that are floating around in the drink...

until i poured myself a cup of GT's Kombucha for lunch today....

not sure what to make of this... it seems 'bigger' than what a 'strand' should be, right?

Wednesday, March 14

Comment c'est fait

i think i've found my most favorite tv program ever.....!

How it's Made is a program (just happened to be on after Dirty Jobs) on Discovery Channel.... basically (and i mean, very basically) it shows how things are made...

the programs we watched featured: highlighters, escalator handles, guitar strings, wigs and mascot outfits...

it really made me want to get a real, hand-made wig.... it's so cool! I also want to get a custom-made mascot outfit that looks like sherlock!!

Thursday, March 8

mada-mada (still waiting)

this was taken over a week ago...

...not much progress (today)

Wednesday, March 7

Monday, March 5