Tuesday, January 30

swirly food

needless to say, i've been having a hard time staying away from the dairy this winter...

yummy hot chocolate from Clinton Street

and finally got to eat some pinkberry...

pinkberry was yummy, not-too-sweet frozen yogurt. we chose to have cocoa pebbles (not sure why)... it was a weird choice; the fruit choices seem more logical (can you tell i've been watching Star Trek?).

Thursday, January 25

guess who i saw at gagosian tonight!

need a better hint?


anyway, the Mark Newson stuff was nice. i somehow thought that bookshelf thing was going to be bigger...


it's not everyday you get to see this (the low and the high as the same temperature).... it took me a minute to figure out what i was looking at (i'm up late...)

... tgif!

Tuesday, January 23

marc newson

wow.... really looking forward to this show at gagosian. I am curious what he does besides design objects (or maybe the show will be all objects... i mean 'functional objects' and not 'art'?)

his stuff reminds me of Jonathan Ive too...

would it be way too cheezy to wear my newson shoes?

from moss

Monday, January 22

Trash Club

although we only made it there once, at least we got to experience it at all.... taking a cue from disco-not-disco....

[getting ready to go to Trash (2002)]

Sunday, January 21


Di Fara's. There are so many reviews of this place, all saying the same thing: this is the best pizza ever...

Well, it is, but man! the wait is grueling (but not as bad as David Rosengarten's)!!

Friday, January 19

stomach problems

the never ending battle with my stomach has been fierce recently... and i'm losing! I know most of my problem is eating too much/too fast... but sometimes i just can't help myself...

anyway, last weekend we went to some openings, and the weirdest/hipster/craziest one was Tony Matelli at Leo Koenig

not sure what he's trying to say with this one.... i didn't get a good shot of this sculpture from the other side... (the 'balls' side) anyway, you'll have to go there yourself to see it in real life. It's up 'til 2/17.

Wednesday, January 10


finally got my shit together and listed some books i want to get rid of on bookmooch.

check out my profile and gets-to-mooching!

Tuesday, January 9

Thursday, January 4

feeling nostalgic....

this is one of those things (like benetton)... that have very specific feeling-memories for me... how i wanted this perfume so badly sitting on my dresser.. a definite status symbol of my childhood, all the cool girls had this stuff... and i never did get myself a bottle : (

(i wonder if i can find one now? i wonder how the perfume smells to me now... now that i am older...)

Monday, January 1

back in nyc

whhhheeeewwww!!! back in nyc for good! it's been a rough couple weekends... and i am happy to be back home! spent x-mas weekend in baltimore and new years weekend in maine... not sure how many miles we put on the ole' car... but at least we get good mileage!

here are some pictures from maine:

starting to snow on our way to maine... kind of scary...

dirty car after the drive

dad prepared pretty sashimi with fish brought from new york!

maki-zushi (self-serve) craziness!

... and ending the dinner with Il Flottante!