Monday, December 3

getting old?

i used to make a lot of seedbead jewelry... in junior high? anyway, haven't made that kind of stuff in awhile (although i do still have all the beads, string, findings etc. to 'whip one up').... anyway, like i said in an earlier post, J's bracelet broke, and i just finished re-stringing it... i think i have a headache now from looking at something so close and minuscule! It was difficult to look at the thread (clear nylon) and the tiny little beads... yup, i think i'm gonna need bifocals soon!

anyway, here is the finished results... there were a few casualties (a couple beads rolled off my desk), but you can't tell, right?


Melody said...

Nothing compares with the feeling that comes with successfully fixing an accessory/article of clothing. Brava!

Beading with stuff that small was always way too hard for me, though I was known to make quite a few "friendship pins" in my day.

yuko said...

awesome... i completely forgot about friendship pins!!