Sunday, December 2


had dinner at Dressler last night... it was yummy! more fancy than i thought it would be (it's in williamsburg, and i guess i assumed that it would be a bunch of hipsters at the restaurant)... restaurant was filled with an older crowd... kind of looked like the overflow from Peter Lugers (it's in the same block). anyway, the interior/atmosphere was nice... kind of a dark, gothic feel, without being overbearing (although i thought the chandeliers looked kind of scary). nice lighting though (not too dark that i can't see the food, but everyones faces are illuminated with candlelight). I had a regular salad and a pork chop and hazelnut semifreddo and J had beets salad, lamb, and a pineapple tart. It's definitely a 'special occasion' restaurant, but definitely worth going back. all the food was well season with a mixture of tastes. Also, portions weren't too big, except for my semifreddo (Way Too Much!)...

here is a picture of the semifreddo:

not sure if you can tell the size, but this 'tower' of frozen cream was about 4 inches tall!

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