Saturday, December 8

apple store opening

On Friday, i squeezed into the 14th Street Apple Store. The security wasn't letting anyone else get in line by the time i got there (very long line still at 10pm) but i managed to, uh, talk to a manager. The store was crazy, more so than the other openings... i thought, maybe with the iphone, apple had attracted a whole new demographic of fans (not just the geeks).... but a friend explained that apple had been announcing all day on the radio that the store was going to be giving lots of stuff away (see what ifo says).... not just ipods but laptops too! anyway, i walked away with a $10 itunes gift card... well, better than nothing, right?... i was just happy to be inside! anyway, the store is really beautiful, and unlike all the others.. the space has such huge windows that it will have tons of sunlight during the day! and for a grey day, or at night, they have lots of lights to make the space look really bright!

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