Saturday, December 22

last saturday

mad rush for last minute christmas shopping... it was cold and windy!! but first things first... sweater for me (picture to come later)

...not sure what the idea is, but comme de garcons has this "sparkling party" theme... it's very fun and cute... and they have gift-ready things with sparkle-y things for sale. Pefumes, the kaws leather goods and tee-shirts look like the perfect gift ideas. I ended up not buying anything from the Sparkling Party series, but managed to get a shopping bag!!

to end the day of frantic x-mas shopping, we ended the day with the a homemade (key) lime pie... yumm!

new series! photos taken while walking to work

i love the way the background (and some of the subject matter, me) is blurry, but some parts are sharp! this is what i love about photography.. like the lens shift/tilt thing, and lomo stuff.

Wednesday, December 12


got an ice coffee for breakfast today... seems really strange.. but, mmmmmmm... it was tasty!

Saturday, December 8

apple store opening

On Friday, i squeezed into the 14th Street Apple Store. The security wasn't letting anyone else get in line by the time i got there (very long line still at 10pm) but i managed to, uh, talk to a manager. The store was crazy, more so than the other openings... i thought, maybe with the iphone, apple had attracted a whole new demographic of fans (not just the geeks).... but a friend explained that apple had been announcing all day on the radio that the store was going to be giving lots of stuff away (see what ifo says).... not just ipods but laptops too! anyway, i walked away with a $10 itunes gift card... well, better than nothing, right?... i was just happy to be inside! anyway, the store is really beautiful, and unlike all the others.. the space has such huge windows that it will have tons of sunlight during the day! and for a grey day, or at night, they have lots of lights to make the space look really bright!

Monday, December 3

west 14th street

Sweet! They're gonna be open until midnight!!

getting old?

i used to make a lot of seedbead jewelry... in junior high? anyway, haven't made that kind of stuff in awhile (although i do still have all the beads, string, findings etc. to 'whip one up').... anyway, like i said in an earlier post, J's bracelet broke, and i just finished re-stringing it... i think i have a headache now from looking at something so close and minuscule! It was difficult to look at the thread (clear nylon) and the tiny little beads... yup, i think i'm gonna need bifocals soon!

anyway, here is the finished results... there were a few casualties (a couple beads rolled off my desk), but you can't tell, right?

Sunday, December 2


had dinner at Dressler last night... it was yummy! more fancy than i thought it would be (it's in williamsburg, and i guess i assumed that it would be a bunch of hipsters at the restaurant)... restaurant was filled with an older crowd... kind of looked like the overflow from Peter Lugers (it's in the same block). anyway, the interior/atmosphere was nice... kind of a dark, gothic feel, without being overbearing (although i thought the chandeliers looked kind of scary). nice lighting though (not too dark that i can't see the food, but everyones faces are illuminated with candlelight). I had a regular salad and a pork chop and hazelnut semifreddo and J had beets salad, lamb, and a pineapple tart. It's definitely a 'special occasion' restaurant, but definitely worth going back. all the food was well season with a mixture of tastes. Also, portions weren't too big, except for my semifreddo (Way Too Much!)...

here is a picture of the semifreddo:

not sure if you can tell the size, but this 'tower' of frozen cream was about 4 inches tall!