Sunday, November 4


My sweet tooth is acting up these days... maybe because it is getting colder, and i want to 'bulk up' for the cold days ahead? This picture is of the dessert platter at Matsuri. A fun restaurant to go with a group of people. It looks kind of cheezy, but it's a nice festive atmosphere (matsuri = festival).

I also had to go to the Apple store this weekend and have my iphone checked out. the speaker was sounding very quiet and distorted... without any questions, they gave me new one. what can i say, i love apple and in particular, the Fifth Ave. store. I've so far taken two things to the "geniuses" (took back a macbook pro last year) and walked out of the store with the brand-new products. not sure what the magic is, maybe it's because Apple is raking it in. I am looking forward to the Meatpacking District Apple store, as that one will be close to my workplace...

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Robert said...

i just bought 500 shares of Apple*

*on Facebook fantasy stock exchange