Thursday, November 29


this is baldie. He live in the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary. This sanctuary is a neat place... i guess kind of like a 'rest area' for birds during their migration, and also just a place to 'chill-out' for the locals. anyway, we stumbled (almost literally) onto baldie in this huge aviary for several macaws, other large parrots, turkey-like things and um, quails (yeah.. i didn't get it either). anyway, all the birds are moving around, eating, squak-ing, doing their thing. As we neared the exit, baldie came swooping down, hopped down onto the ground and walked up so that he was right behind my feet! J alerted me, and i was immediately scared that he was gonna go "jurassic park" on me. He started biting at my shoe laces, so, i quickly moved away, and baldie walked over to J, biting at his shoes and making a purring sound.... it was so cute! anyway we later learned that he had been hand-raised and therefore very trusting of humans.

now, more than ever, i want to have a bird!


Robert said...

You should check out The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. Very interesting film...much better than the title suggests.

yuko said...

yeah... i've seen this.. it was on pbs not too long ago... such a sad story!