Thursday, November 29


this is baldie. He live in the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary. This sanctuary is a neat place... i guess kind of like a 'rest area' for birds during their migration, and also just a place to 'chill-out' for the locals. anyway, we stumbled (almost literally) onto baldie in this huge aviary for several macaws, other large parrots, turkey-like things and um, quails (yeah.. i didn't get it either). anyway, all the birds are moving around, eating, squak-ing, doing their thing. As we neared the exit, baldie came swooping down, hopped down onto the ground and walked up so that he was right behind my feet! J alerted me, and i was immediately scared that he was gonna go "jurassic park" on me. He started biting at my shoe laces, so, i quickly moved away, and baldie walked over to J, biting at his shoes and making a purring sound.... it was so cute! anyway we later learned that he had been hand-raised and therefore very trusting of humans.

now, more than ever, i want to have a bird!


one of the few things i bought i barbados... a little seed bead bracelet. not sure why it is red and white, but it was the right size and the merchant was very nice. J got one as well, but his broke right away!

(btw, can you tell that i got a little tan? My hands are looking more and more like 'old-lady' hands!)

i couldn't agree with #1 more...

(from the new monocle magazine)

how does barneys know?

Wednesday, November 28

Wednesday, November 21

leaving again

getting ready for another trip. this one is going to be different... a bit of an adventure for us, as we've never been on a "relaxing" vacation. I hope everything works out. I'll be back with lots of pictures (do you think this sd card is big enough?)

blue goose

(i tried to take pictures of the food, but too dark in the restaurant)

here is what we had:

(thanks tony!)


the subways and streets weren't as quiet as i thought they'd be this morning.... i guess everyone hasn't left the city yet.

I am not sure i am ready for this holiday season.... maybe my mood is melancholy because i am reading The Omnivore's Dilemma. I had such a hard time figuring out what i wanted to eat for lunch at whole foods... no beef, not right now, not while i am reading about the feed lots and how even though with the Mad Cow scare, the beef industry still feed the cows fat from other cows (to get them to 'bulk-up' faster)... not to mention all the antibiotics that are given to them so they don't get too sick from eating corn. I really could go on and on about this... so, just go get the book and read it... it's super well written (i'm not one for reading lots of non-fiction, but i can't put this book down, i've come close to missing my subway stop several times).

I think everyone in America should be informed about this stuff.

Wednesday, November 14

Wednesday, November 7


so, now that christmas time is upon us... there's lots of stuff to buy!!

this, that, or... both?

Super Mario Galaxy or Guitar Hero III?

J says that SMG is getting rave reviews.. and it's a game i would like to play, having played all the oldies (Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2... then Super Mario Sunshine). Sunshine was difficult and i don't think i even got half way through!

But i'm compelled to get GH3... just 'cause i happen to kick ass on it (or at least kick J's ass)... although, it involves a) deciding on whether to get it for the Wii or PS3 and b) getting new controllers...

so, i think i need your help:

oh.... egg nog!

probably because it is not available all year round (i think... not that i'd want to drink it in the summertime)... i really like egg nog. But because of my stomach sensitivity to dairy... it really does kind of kill my stomach. oh well...

Sunday, November 4


My sweet tooth is acting up these days... maybe because it is getting colder, and i want to 'bulk up' for the cold days ahead? This picture is of the dessert platter at Matsuri. A fun restaurant to go with a group of people. It looks kind of cheezy, but it's a nice festive atmosphere (matsuri = festival).

I also had to go to the Apple store this weekend and have my iphone checked out. the speaker was sounding very quiet and distorted... without any questions, they gave me new one. what can i say, i love apple and in particular, the Fifth Ave. store. I've so far taken two things to the "geniuses" (took back a macbook pro last year) and walked out of the store with the brand-new products. not sure what the magic is, maybe it's because Apple is raking it in. I am looking forward to the Meatpacking District Apple store, as that one will be close to my workplace...

Saturday, November 3


it's been a long week.

Thursday, November 1

fancy dinner at Sant Ambroeus


there's a tagliatta under the "sheets" of cheese

raspberry sorbet with hot fudge... weird