Tuesday, October 2


Was in a shop over the weekend, looking for a birthday present for someone. A salesperson asked if I needed help, and i explained that I was looking for
a gift. He then pulls out a cardigan off the shelf and
says, "this cardigan here is so CHOICE"...

um... That takes me back
to, is it "Pretty In Pink"? Was that something Duckie said? Yeah, I
admit I used that word, in junior high, thinking I was so cool and
hip, but now? and in such a contrived and/or forced way? I moved
away from him and continued looking on my own. The strange
coincidence is that all this week i've been listening to music from
John Hughes films. I've been debating which one is my favorite:

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Melody said...

Wow, "choice?" He said it with a straight face?

We're one step closer to using "fetch."