Sunday, September 30

Friday, September 28

auction time!

i'm not sure who Garamon is, but i want him!!!

(here he is amongst his fellow auction buddies)

Wednesday, September 26

my fortune today

i don't get it.

and "have sisters" is kind of a strange thing to know how to say, isn't it?

Monday, September 24


they come in many shapes and sizes with different insides and outsides... tasty!!

from top to bottom:

soup dumplings from Grand Sichuan
gyoza from Rickshaw Dumpling Bar
.... from Dim Sum Go Go
gyoza from Minca

Sunday, September 23


this just looks refreshing doesn't it?

Friday, September 21

lip balm

who likes lip balm? "I do!"

couple more days of summer!

i'm really looking forward to this weekend. not for any specific event...but just 'cause it's gonna be warm (+80˚). i feel like this will be the end of summer... but who knows ... it was last winter around christmas that it was like, 70˚, right?

Thursday, September 20


i prefer to only use pencils, since i am always misspelling or screwing up, but when a pen is required, my correction tape is not far away. i recently found these two, and they are perfect! one wide (8mm) and one narrow (4mm).

this one is an older, narrower one (2mm). too narrow for most applications... but you never know when you'll need to un-underline something!

Tuesday, September 18


i change my mind... i don't want to work at google. i think the interview portion (if i could actually make it that far) would be far too stressful!

check out these questions that they ask....

11. If the probability of observing a car in 30 minutes on a highway is 0.95, what is the probability of observing a car in 10 minutes (assuming constant default probability)?

also, check out the comments, too.... NERDS!!

i think maybe i could maybe answer #6 and #12 (yeah, thanks to the clock test in Brain Age!)

via kottke

Friday, September 14

who is sick?

although i haven't been getting sick quite as often as i used to (thanks to danactive?)... i'm looking forward to posting on this website the second i feel a little "off".


as i get older, i think i am turning into a sweet-tooth-person. i used to never really want dessert after dinner; i've always been more of a savory-person, than a sweet-person, but now, even when i am stuffed from dinner, i am focused on having dessert. maybe it is a cigarette association, or some kind of "closer" for the meal.

Thursday, September 13


oh, griffin, you tease me.... i had decided that your company didn't deserve my patronage... but this is tempting, especially now that it is actually available.... i've been having issues with the Belkin one... i was using it as kind of post to hook my extra headphone wire to, but, when i don't have any pockets on my clothes, i end up just tossing my iphone loosely into my bag, because with the Belkin headphone adapter, the iphone doesn't fit in it's little zippy case. Yes, the Belkin thing does bend, but it's not as flexible as the griffin one looks.....

actually, this all just brings up my disappointment in Jonathan Ive.... how could you have designed a phone with a headphone jack that requires a bulky adapter?

Wednesday, September 12

music post

it's been a drought for me, in terms of music.... and i've been desperate for some new music for the somber feelings of autumn. I've been kind of listening to french pop... francoise hardy (thx jerry), which is perfect (feeling-wise), but i think i need something more.

on a separate note, Good Weather for Airstrikes is back!

Friday, September 7

some of the artwork we saw last nite

Jessica Craig-Martin at Greenberg Van Doren

Kent Henricksen at John Connelly Presents

Kohei Yoshiyuki at Yossi Milo

Richie Lasansky at KSA Open Workspace

Jeff Shore and Jon Fisher at Clementine

limerock rolex vintage festival

got my ears blown out at a vintage car race over the labor day weekend. lots of fun, as we baked under the hot sun, watching crazy old cars race around a track. some of them were really noisy.

here's a picture of some strangely shaped cars around the track

Thursday, September 6


wunderground has a nice feature for hurricanes.... archives of the last oh, one hundred fifty years or so, with nice maps indicated where the hurricanes/tropical storms traveled. i guess 2005 was an exceptional year.

I've been kind of disappointed that there hasn't been much excitement this year... i'm kind of a wicked person.

september 6th, 2007

Yesterday sucked. The iphone is now $200 cheaper... what??? 99¢ more to make a song a ringtone? Bull****. And to top it all off..... Howie got kicked out of Top Chef.

The world is a dark, dark place.

Update: a letter from Steve Jobs himself


January 2007, originally uploaded by TracyU.

stumbled upon this neat idea for calendar/doodles/journal via notebookism. it's a great way to keep up all my note-taking and calendar updated in a fun and pretty way. lets go analog!