Wednesday, August 15


sometimes weekends end up to be more exhausting than the work-week, huh? actually, i've had a great past few days, starting with Daft Punk. It was pretty EPIC (thanks TRS, i've been saying this word a lot lately) and probably my best experience at a live venue ever. then we drove upstate to my annual work picnic/party. The first thing i did when we got there was.... slide down a whole flight of stairs on my ass! (sorry, no pictures, unless you want to be grossed out).

the rest of the weekend was uphill from that point. we lit some Sky Lanterns, ate some food, and karaoke-d the nite away. I came back to the city with a super-sore ass, and a seriously upset stomach (i wasn't alone). But i'm all recovered now, and happily plugging away at work.

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