Wednesday, August 22

Super Star Dust HD

Crazy game that we've been playing on the PS3. I originally thought that it wasn't my bag, but it ends up being this totally addictive game.... the game-play (whatever that means) is great, and is a very visually appealing game. It's one of those games that's quick and easy to figure out how to play, and then once that happens, you learn a little bit more each time, just enough to make you think that you are going to do better the next time around (in my case, i usually do worse and worse the longer i play...). It's interesting about this new game console we have.... the game keeps track of all the high scores (of everyone who has played this game, worldwide) and let's you know how, uh, sucky you are!!! (I think my best score puts me somewhere in the 30,000 - 40,000th place)

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