Wednesday, August 29


one can never have enough, right? well,.... i'm really trying hard to not buy any clothes before our trip to japan... and it's seriously a daily struggle. I get emails from J. Crew almost every day how they are offering free shipping! and all the stupid Daily Candy, Rare Daily, Refinery 29 update emails are wearing me down. I just can't bring myself to unsubscribe, though... somehow there is a fear that i will miss the next big thing.

Anyway, as josh noticed this weekend, i get really depressed when i walk buy a store, see something i like, but force myself to continue walking.... so! i bought some shoes! I've justified the purchase of shoes because i've had kind-of bad luck buying shoes in far away lands... somehow my feet change (swell or shrink) and i come home with shoes either too big, or too small. yeah... it's strange.


blaksquirrel said...

well, at least you can ignore those jcrew emails because "they are no good"


Little Nutbrown Hare said...

Mmmm strange phenomenon, I never noticed my feet size changing when I travel...