Thursday, August 30

feeling nostalgic

I really loved Twin Peaks. It was such a crazy tv show, and i never quite got it. such a beautiful soundtrack... i'm curious to watch the tv program.... i wonder if it is still creepy, or just corny.


Ian said...

I recently finished watching season two. TV seasons were longer then i think; its about 30 episodes long. The best of course is the first eight episode run, and if you decide to rent it, don't forget to rent the first season pilot episode which I believe you have to rent separately. Good news though, late this month or next (check Amazon) the anniversary DVD set comes out which will include the pilot, and both full seasons. The second season has its ups and downs; it starts strong, loses its way about halfway through, then ends with a knockout episode directed by Lynch. Then, rent Fire Walk with Me, the 1992 theatrically released prequel, to sew it all up.


yuko said...

hi Ian! thanks!
I don't think i even knew there was a season 2. i agree about the first few episodes of season one. It's gives me the chills just thinking about it. I hope watching the episodes again lives up to my memories!!