Friday, August 31


going to fabric and yarn stores is a kid-in-a-candy-store syndrome for me. I can look at this stuff, daydream of all the stuff i could/would like to make... 99% of the time, i buy stuff, and never actually make anything... or start a project and get bored or decide that i am in way over my head... then realize that buying the finished product would be easier!! anyway, with this fall-like weather, i am inspired to knit something... arm warmers anyone?

Thursday, August 30

feeling nostalgic

I really loved Twin Peaks. It was such a crazy tv show, and i never quite got it. such a beautiful soundtrack... i'm curious to watch the tv program.... i wonder if it is still creepy, or just corny.

Wednesday, August 29


one can never have enough, right? well,.... i'm really trying hard to not buy any clothes before our trip to japan... and it's seriously a daily struggle. I get emails from J. Crew almost every day how they are offering free shipping! and all the stupid Daily Candy, Rare Daily, Refinery 29 update emails are wearing me down. I just can't bring myself to unsubscribe, though... somehow there is a fear that i will miss the next big thing.

Anyway, as josh noticed this weekend, i get really depressed when i walk buy a store, see something i like, but force myself to continue walking.... so! i bought some shoes! I've justified the purchase of shoes because i've had kind-of bad luck buying shoes in far away lands... somehow my feet change (swell or shrink) and i come home with shoes either too big, or too small. yeah... it's strange.

Tuesday, August 28


i really like morandi (Giorgio Morandi). really beautiful, quiet still lifes that seems so cool and modern. On the flip side, the restaurant (semi-new) by the great Keith McNally (Balthazars, Pastis, etc.).... was loud, hot and salty!!

we had a salad (bibb/boston lettuce)
Orecchiette Alla Pugliese (orecchiette with sausage and broccoli rabe)
Tagliata Di Manzo (grilled hanger steak with arugula & parmesan)
dessert (affogato)

food was good, but not great. kind of expensive for what it was. The tagliata was excellent and i would go back there just for that.

Saturday, August 25

Thursday, August 23

baseball in japan

i was thinking maybe we could see a baseball game in tokyo.... but looks like we'll just miss the, erh, Climax Series

Wednesday, August 22


this is that guy from The Wire. I really, really wanted to ask him for his autograph, just for the affirmation that i saw/met him... but alas, i didn't have the nerve, and well, i didn't know his name nor his characters name on the show.

anyway, while we wait for season 5, check out bubbles's itunes playlist!!

Super Star Dust HD

Crazy game that we've been playing on the PS3. I originally thought that it wasn't my bag, but it ends up being this totally addictive game.... the game-play (whatever that means) is great, and is a very visually appealing game. It's one of those games that's quick and easy to figure out how to play, and then once that happens, you learn a little bit more each time, just enough to make you think that you are going to do better the next time around (in my case, i usually do worse and worse the longer i play...). It's interesting about this new game console we have.... the game keeps track of all the high scores (of everyone who has played this game, worldwide) and let's you know how, uh, sucky you are!!! (I think my best score puts me somewhere in the 30,000 - 40,000th place)

Monday, August 20

the brilliance of 43 folders

This post makes me really want to get my music library organized. My Address Book is okay, but i really need to spend several hours cleaning up and re-organizing my itunes library and the music associated with it. on a similar note, does anyone know how to keep the "View Options" in itunes consistent? If i make a new playlist, i always get columns that i don't use (play count, my rating, kind, genre).

Also, check out Merlin's A Hair Odyssey (i think i may copy merlin and do the same... )

Friday, August 17


stumbled upon this cute website....

they make little stickers (along with other, more serious things) with pictures that you've uploaded to flickr (or any other photo-uploading website)... i
It's totally customizable and lots of fun! stickers are really nice quality (glossy and very sticky). try them out!

Wednesday, August 15



sometimes weekends end up to be more exhausting than the work-week, huh? actually, i've had a great past few days, starting with Daft Punk. It was pretty EPIC (thanks TRS, i've been saying this word a lot lately) and probably my best experience at a live venue ever. then we drove upstate to my annual work picnic/party. The first thing i did when we got there was.... slide down a whole flight of stairs on my ass! (sorry, no pictures, unless you want to be grossed out).

the rest of the weekend was uphill from that point. we lit some Sky Lanterns, ate some food, and karaoke-d the nite away. I came back to the city with a super-sore ass, and a seriously upset stomach (i wasn't alone). But i'm all recovered now, and happily plugging away at work.

Tuesday, August 7


does this look like a seahorse to you? this was found on the downtown bound express platform at the 59th street stop on the 4-5.

I think it looks like a shoe (red shoe with wispy lines to indicate movement)... josh thinks it looks like a seahorse. what do you think?

foods (really healthy vs. really not healthy)

both really tasty!!

Saturday, August 4

instead of arm warmers

... i got some leg warmers!

not exactly the right temperature these days for wearing anything with the word 'warm' in it... but the thing is.. living in new york has made me into a manic/crazy shopper... i'll admit it. the minute things start going on sale, it's time to buy the next season's stuff. i think it is because the seasons (summer and winter only) are kind of on the extreme side, so that when it is really hot, all i really want is cool weather, which makes me think of cool-weather clothes... and same thing in the dead of winter... i dream of wearing breezy, summer dresses when it is below freezing!