Wednesday, July 4

yeah... it's been awhile

sorry, it's been awhile... i've been busy on the tumblr and waiting in line for a certain new gadget. finally getting back on my laptop (everything i do on the computer, basically, can be done on my iphone!) it's nice to actually type on a keyboard, tho! it been a beautiful past few days here in nyc, but for good 'ole Independence Day, it's super gray and chilly! This is probably the strangest weather for the fourth of July, yet!

anyway, my first thoughts of the iphone:

incredibly pissed about the headphone jack... means i'll still be using my nano until i can get a good adapter (not the giant Belkin one there were selling at the apple store)

obviously needs a quick software update of the following: copy-and-paste function, removing the 'stocks' button on the home-page (and just general customizing), to be able to choose the alert sounds of various 'alerts' (new mail, new voicemail, new sms, etc)... they are all the same, and between J and my phone, i can never tell whose phone is buzzing.

i wish it had a little loop for a cell-phone strap. i really am used to straps on things (camera) and it's a handy way of grabbing something.

google calendar syncing with ical(i know i can use google calendar on the web, but it's not the same)

weather icon on the homepage to display the actual weather, instead of a constant 73 degrees and sunny (is that too much to ask? that's one J mentioned)...

things i love:

checking my email with this tiny gadget

the edge network is really great!

the calculator

everything else (oh, and, yeah... i do believe in a god)

(check out my flickr set of waiting-in-line-for-the-iphone fun!)

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