Thursday, July 19


i can feel the anticipation in the air.... for me, it's very similar to when the iphone was released, although this may be bigger... at least on a world-wide scale. I am frantically trying to finish order of the phoenix and read the half-blood prince before UPS arrives on saturday with the deathly hollows.... can it be done? i'm almost done with order of the phoenix, but not sure i can completely read the half-blood prince in, uh... 2 days. (do i just read as much as i can, and then when i get the deathly hollows i drop it, or try to finish reading half-blood prince?)

i was surprised to see that there was a NY Times review of the book, and i am glad that JK Rowling is pissed... i actually am too.


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Melody said...

I walked by the Scholastic building en route to get a coffee shake treat this morning and there was a huge Harry Potter bus and people already standing outside! It was so funny to look outside and see kids dressed in wizard gear walking around SoHo all day. Harry fever has hit!