Sunday, July 29

saturday pampering

the word pampering reminds me of Pampers, and that grosses me out... but there really is no better word to describe my saturday... i slept in, and then got a facial at Pure Spa. I've never had a facial, and was a little nervous, but my... um... technician(?) Leah, was very nice and explained everything that she was about to do. I could do without the full arm massage with sweet-smelling paste-like stuff (this proves my theory that i won't like a full body massage, and i'm glad i found out this way) the spa was really nice... very dark but clean (important) and with a nice, light smell wafting through the whole space. The space used to be a horrible night club, and now, next door is a butcher, so, i was a little concerned about this before i went. The relaxation (waiting) room was a little strange, i guess. Both women and men (and there were, suprisingly a few men)... we're all sitting on big, fluffy sofas in a small room, with just robes on... anyway, everyone was nice, and the place was quite busy, but i didn't feel rushed or forgotten by the staff (which i have felt going to the doctors office).

it was a good experience, and my skin still feels nice and's expensive ($80), but i definitely got my money's worth (i was there for 1.5 hrs!).

anyway, i came home, took a nap, then watched Little Miss Sunshine.... a weird but good movie.

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