Wednesday, July 18


picked up my breakfast at whole foods, walked out, and on the side of the building, a line of people waiting all the way down to eighth avenue.... holding their umbrellas. I wanted to ask what they were waiting in line for.... it better be good, because it was pouring!! but i didn't ask and walked to work.

well, this is what they were waiting to buy....

i'm glad i didn't ask them... i would have been confused, and somewhat amazed at people waiting (don't these people have to go to work?) for a tote bag that says to the world... "i care for the environment". i guess this is the "IT" bag of the summer.

Update: selling on ebay for over $200 (UK version)
Update #2: NY Times article

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Melody said...


I saw this on the today show about 2 weeks ago. I thought to myself, "I would carry this if it didn't have that kinda lame slogan on it."

people will wait to buy anything.