Thursday, July 26

10 songs for july

Young Folks by Peter Bjorn and John
Fancy Footwork by Chromeo
Chick Fit by All Saints (Kissy Sell Out remix)
Halloween by Matt Pond PA
Corduroy Boy by Neva Geoffrey
White Dove by John Vanderslice
The Perfect Crime #2 by The Decemberists (ATOC remix)
Sleeping Lessons by The Shins (RAC Mix)
Black State by The National
Hazel St by Deerhunter

most, if not, all of this music can be found by going to The Hype Machine or Elbows

on a side note: as i was figuring out all the links for this post, i noticed that The Shins are originally from Albuquerque NM (they now reside in Portland OR).... weird. I feel like i should know them, personally (i grew up in Santa Fe). of course i don't /didn't know many people from Albuquerque, when i was growing up, but ABQ/SF is so small!

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