Monday, June 18

well, if i believed there is a god...

is the iphone mania reaching an all new high? i'm still shocked to see so much mainstream coverage about the iphone... and making me a wee-bit nervous. Am i really gonna be able to get one on the release day? Shouldn't, uh, true mac fans get theirs first... and do i qualify?

anyway, went to Go Go Curry over the weekend... YUM!

thats a generous pork cutlet, breaded/fried with curry and rice.... i got a "walk" size, and could barely finish. Blaksquirrel got a "single" (all menu items are baseball-related names/sizes). He says its the best in the city... i think so too. It was really spicy (not hot-spicy, but spice-spicy) and yummy with the fresh cabbage, and well-cooked rice!

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