Friday, June 1

take me out

this song... by franz ferdinand, listening to this.. .really makes me crazy... yeah, it's that guitar hero crazy... like staying up way too late trying to beat this song. i can't remember if i beat this song, or J did....i may have beat this song (after maybe a hundred tries?)... at like, 5 o'clock in the morning. ugh. the repetitive-ness makes my skin crawl.

anyway, needless to say, i enjoyed guitar hero (I) a lot better than guitar hero II.... (maybe it's just because GHII is a lot more difficult than GHI, but i really didn't care for most of the songs and i am looking forward to guitar hero III.... especially wireless controllers (what are we gonna do with the ones we have now?) and cherub rock by the smashing pumpkins. I'm not a smashing pumpkins fan... in fact i have somewhat unpleasant memories of that particular album (that's a story for another post)... but i think i would be cool to 'rock out' like James Iha... speaking of, i was hanging out with peelander yellow in front of air market, and guess who walks by.... james iha.. looking like the ultimate rocker-dude-living-in-the-east-village!

which brings me to....

why didn't anyone tell me about this?? huh?

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